10 Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summer is all about relaxing and breaking away from our boring lives. Spending quality time with loved ones, while enjoying the warmth of the sun. Maybe we will be playing on the beach with our children, enjoying a drink outside on our patio, whatever we plan to do this summer we will outside drinking up

10 Awesome Vitamins for a Younger Looking Skin

If you have been struggling to get the results you are looking for despite the expensive skin care products you’ve invested in, it’s probably the right time to add another element in your routine- vitamins. Loading your diet with vitamins won’t only do your health great, but it can also dramatically improve your skin.

How To Avoid And Reduce Eye Strain

Although excessive staring at the computer screen is a primary cause for developing eye strain, there are numerous other reasons too that play a pivotal role in causing eye strain. Lack of sleep, reading in low light for longer durations, and excessive exposure to bright lights are a few of the other well known reasons

Biggest Benefits of Bone Broth

Did your grandma force you to eat bone broth back when you were little? As much as you might have loathed the taste, it’s a good thing your elders forced bone soup down your throat back in your childhood. The time-honored brew has a range of benefits, which makes it one of your best allies

What Is Orthokeratology?

For some people going to the ophthalmologist can be quite stressful. Usually, the trip to the clinic would be accompanied by a feeling of fear and uncertainty. However, thanks to technological developments, the chances are looking more promising for people who have issues with their sight, especially when it comes to permanently reducing their dependency

Essential Baby-care Tips for the First 6 Months

As soon as our baby daughter entered our lives, we started fully grasping the notion that parenthood is a full-time commitment. However, reading every parenting book available hasn’t prepared us for the wonders and setbacks that such a tiny creature can cause, especially at the very beginning, so we learned many valuable lessons along the

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