A Guide To Anti-Ageing In 2016

guide to anti ageing in 20161

It’s no wonder that so many women fear ageing. When a man ages he becomes a ‘silver fox’, whereas at our first appearance of grey hair or wrinkles we are deemed as ‘old’ or ‘haggard’. Unfortunately, it does just seem to be in our genetics that us girls age quicker than our male counterparts. If you’re happy to rock what nature gave you and grow old gracefully, then we fully support you! But if you’re in need of a bit of a confidence boost when it comes to your ageing face, take a look at the ideas below…

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Caring for Your Health as an Older Woman: the Essential Actions

caring for your health as an older woman

As we get older, we have to pay attention to our health in different ways. Women’s bodies change and are more at risk for various diseases and health problems. We are now living longer than ever before, but it means having to watch out for a number of issues. Women can have trouble advocating for themselves when it comes to medical matters. Although men are generally seen as being reluctant to go to the doctor, women can also feel shy about going.

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Ideas From The Past Can Make A Better Future

ideas from the past can make a better future

It is quite something to think about how far we have come as a human race over the years. Do you ever find yourself waiting for something – a coffee, a cab or a ready meal – and resenting the time it is taking? Most of us do. And then you bear in mind that, just twenty years ago, that thing you are waiting for would have taken longer and been worse when you got it. The result of progress, it seems, is more impatience first and foremost.

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The Dos And Donts Of Nursing Your Kids

dos and donts of nursing of your kids

When your child is sick, your whole household could be thrown into turmoil. There’s a lot more to have to juggle with your regular work and household. But now you have a new priority: getting your child healthy again. Are you dreading the day when your child catches a fever or cold? Don’t panic; here are our dos and don’ts of nursing your kids.

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Holistic Approach to Medicine: Why it is good for you

holistic medicine

In this day and age of a financially strapped and confusing healthcare system, many people are turning to alternative healthcare to alleviate their health issues. One such approach is holistic medicine, and for many, it has had very positive results, which is why it is growing in popularity, particularly in recent years. But what is holistic medicine, and how might it work for you?

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