Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


…who’s the fairest of them all? This age old question has dwelled in everybody’s mind at least for once. The importance of physical beauty has been always quite prominent since ancient times, and women have found miraculous discoveries and remedies to improve their appearance all throughout history.

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Dental implants are always conducted by a registered dentist


Dental implants are bridging the gaps between teeth and very nicely too. In fact, they are overtaking bridges as the preferred method of tooth replacement. There are obvious advantages to dental implants in comparison to previous generation bridges that are best burnt if you want a future with a bright smile and a perfectly natural feel when you smile or chew.

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Simple Ways To Help You Successfully Eat A Whole Food Diet


A whole food diet is the most healthy diet you can eat. It is good for your body in many ways. But some people get put off cooking this way because they fear making everything from scratch. They think it will take up too much time and cost them too much effort. Yes, this can be difficult when you first start, but there are things that can make it a lot easier. Read on to find out what they are and how you can utilize them in your own kitchen.

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5 Core Basic Things You Should Keep in Mind While Travelling Solo


So, it is your first trip alone and you have made various plans as to what you will do on reaching your location. Travelling solo can be fun provided you have done all the safety checks. When you are travelling alone, it becomes all the more important to travel safely because there is no one to oversee things. Here are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while travelling alone.

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Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship



When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up just a few weeks ago, many of us realized that true love might not actually exist. Regardless of whether love is real or not, lots of couples try desperately to fight for their relationship when it seems to be in the final stages. However, there are some times when it is best to just end things before the situation starts to bring you down. Not sure whether you should call time on yours? Here are some tell-tale signs that you need to look out for.

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Love is a Phallusy


How to bang your bleeding scalp against a brick wall for no special reason…

Ah men, to know them is to love them. Milk bar owners, late night taxi drivers, groups of them on the streets, in cars, in pubs constantly reaffirming our biology, sexuality and overall worth (e.g. show us your tits you cheap slut).

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Electronic Muscle Stimulators Are Beneficial but Not Extravagantly So


Every once in a while, someone comes up with a brainwave to make money and uses as a tool. You may have heard of “magic” stones that are able to absorb cosmic energy and when worn as a necklace, they can transfer this cosmic energy to your body.  There is some other particular sleep pillow that claims to help you sleep better. The list is endless. There are also electronic devices whose makers or inventors make extra ordinary claims based on facts or demi-facts. Is the electronic muscle stimulator one such device or does it really work as sellers claim?

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How Working in Another Country Can Improve You Personally and Professionally


You may want to work abroad for a host of reasons. It could come down to the job market in your current country being extremely saturated so you are forced to work abroad as there is just nothing available in the country you’re in. Even if there are a large number of jobs available in the country you’re in, there are still a number of benefits you can get by going abroad. It can also be seen as an ideal opportunity to travel and meet new people and you will also be improving your career prospects. Here’s how working in another country can improve your personally and professionally.

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