Why Are You Sweating At Night?

There are certain times during the year when we become accustomed to having hot and sweaty nights. In the heat of summer, most of us struggle to get our eight hours, as we toss and turn while cursing the lack of air conditioning or its ineffectiveness. The feeling of waking up bathed in a film

How About A Hobby To Help Your Relationship?

Too often, we neglect our relationships. When life gets busy, love gets pushed to the side. In part, this comes about from complacency. Once we get so far into a relationship, we assume it can take care of itself. But, it’s also a result of our busy lives. If you’re working full-time, you’ll be pushed

Quick Ways To Get Longer Hair

You go to a salon to get your hair done or to simply get a new haircut. You’ve already talked with your hairdresser about the kind of cut and style you want but it turns out he/she has a different thing in mind. What was supposed to be a new and improved haircut resulted in

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