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Lipstick Color Trends for 2017

Every year brings new makeup trends, and this year it is all about the lips. While the rest of the makeup seems to be monochromatic and subtle, in 2017 you should put focus on your lips and bring the wow factor. Apart from going bold, there are some new lipstick colors you should try out

Quotes from Famous Style Icons

Every generation has new style icons. They’re all inspirational in their own ways. They’re all unique, yet they appeal to the masses. Even today, we look at style icons across decades and admire them for their messages. We aspire to be as cool, collected, or classy as them.

Important Facts about Water Colour Tattoos

When it comes to the best water colour tattoos, they differ with the traditional ones in numerous ways. The most important differentiating factors are the shading and the colouring. When it comes to creating these tattoos, the artists use different kinds of tattoo techniques like blurs, bleeds, shades, runs and splatters.

How street style influences catwalk trends

Street style is very important in the fashion world. Not only catwalks tell us what to wear, but sometimes, what people wear tell us how catwalks will look like. In fashion industry the “tickle up effect” is very well known. This expression means that clothing items created in sub cultures might influence designers and then,

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