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Protein Deficiency and Hair Loss in Women

Our body was honed by nature to heal itself. And the body’s natural healing process is done continuously even while you sleep. Yes, our body is “renewing” itself each day. But the fact remains, if you do not receive enough sustenance, this healing process will be a lot slower than what it can normally do.

10 Enemies of Hair that Stop Hair Growth

Healthy hairs are shiny, soft, free from split ends, and less prone to fall. But if you are experiencing a severe hair fall and lack of new hair growth, then there are probabilities that few or all enemies of hair are attacking you. While sun exposure, stress, and illness are few factors that affect hair

Quick Ways To Get Longer Hair

You go to a salon to get your hair done or to simply get a new haircut. You’ve already talked with your hairdresser about the kind of cut and style you want but it turns out he/she has a different thing in mind. What was supposed to be a new and improved haircut resulted in

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