Is Tinder Dating Dangerous?

Tinder Image Pixabay You’ve gone for it too, huh? You’ve downloaded the Tinder app, and now you’re hoping the love of your life comes your way. It might happen, and there are lots of people that have found success through this method in recent years.

Love is a Phallusy

How to bang your bleeding scalp against a brick wall for no special reason… Ah men, to know them is to love them. Milk bar owners, late night taxi drivers, groups of them on the streets, in cars, in pubs constantly reaffirming our biology, sexuality and overall worth (e.g. show us your tits you cheap

How Fingernails Mirror your Health

Fingernails Are Truthful Records Information from the nails can help point medical investigation into early health problems. This is possible because our fingernails grow from the same epidermal cells that give rise to our hair and skin and even though once it is grown the nail plate is “dead” in biological terms, while it is