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6 Awesome Gift Ideas for New Mums

Ok when your good friend, family member or collogues gives birth, you most likely want to give her a gift to celebrate her new bundle of happiness. But when you think of what to get new mom, your minds jump to various gifts ideas but you can’t decide which one is best for her. So

How to Get Your Kids off the Couch

Many parents nowadays face a problem that is entirely unique to this day and age. Never before have our younger generations been so plagued by obesity caused by a lack of activity. Kids grow up surrounded by the screens of different devices, playing games, watching movies and cartoons, and older kids are glued to YouTube

All about weaning your baby

Breastfeeding has always been the best way to feed babies and give them the nutrition that they need. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the breastfeeding must be exclusive within six months after birth, and an extended breastfeeding is recommended as long as you and your baby wish to continue.

Benefits of Baby wearing for Babies and Moms

While some parenting styles would disagree with this much physical contact that gives you baby wearing, since their basic premise is not to hold your children too much or too often in order to avoid spoiling them, the latest research has in fact shown that baby wearing leads to a healthier, stronger child and a

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