Actions speak louder than words. It is a quote we’ve learned as kids, and it is one that resembles and sticks in our mind forever. At least it should. Sometimes, actions are more meaningful than words. There is a reason why body language has become so important. What we do is important. Now, in terms of love and caring for someone, we all want to hear that magical “I Love you”. But sometimes, we want to see that you mean it. That means to show us that you care.

Caring for someone doesn’t mean saying I love you all the time. Let’s take a look at 10 ways to say I love you without saying any word.

Try to share his/hers interests

Does your partner love dancing? Singing? Or he/she has other hobbies? Well, whatever the case, make sure to show interest and get on board with a favorite of his/hers. You might not be crazy for hiking, but if she likes hiking, why not try it? What can you lose? Or say, she is in a band that you do not find interesting? Well, show you support her love by getting tickets for the next time they have a concert or play close to your hometown. The main point here is to try and enjoy hobbies together. Spending time together makes your bond strong.

Act spontaneously

Nobody wants Mr. I-plan-everything. Try to act spontaneously. Live in the moment. You walked from work to home, and you saw something interesting on the way? Go, and forget whatever plans you had for the afternoon. Learn to cook something different. Do not cook the same dishes over and over again. The goal here is to get out of your comfort zone, break out of your usual routine. The only way to keep the relationship fun and fresh is by doing something out of the ordinary.

Give an unexpected hug or kiss

Showing affection is great. And who doesn’t enjoy being kissed when not expected? Now, there is a time and place for everything. You do not want to kiss your loved one during a ceremony, for example. But while you are out, hug or kiss your partner when he/she is not expecting it.

Send a sweet text

It doesn’t have to be anything special. Just something crazy, or something that came up to your mind in the moment. Even just an emoji will do the trick in this world of crazy technology. But FYI, nothing says I love you like “I am thinking of you” text.

Wear a sexy outfit

Some couples love role playing, others do not. But even if you do not like it, there is nothing wrong and bad in trying every once in a while. You cannot wear pajamas all the time. You need to get sexy every now and then. To be fair, I am a strong supporter of looking good all the time. Your partner just shouldn’t see you in sweatpants. Let your imagination go, and try some outfit like a sexy policeman, a sexy fireman, or a sexy nurse for the ladies out there.

Set a date night

Sometimes, we just cannot find time for our partner. I get it. We live in a world that is extremely dynamic. It is easy to lose a sense of time. And when you have kids, it gets even harder. But you deserve a date night, and you should try and get it. Find a sitter, or let your parents take care of the kids one night. Turn your phones off, or even better, leave them behind. In the case of real emergency, tell your parents or babysitter where you are going. Try to get at least one date night per month.

Leave a note for your partner when they are working late

Turn on the outside light, and leave the note. How nice it would be to come home and see the way to the door easily. It is the small things that matter. When you work late, it tends to get dark at night. And as you walk to your door, you find a sweet note from your partner? This is the type of nonverbal affection that we want to see.

Do the laundry

In some homes, there is a set routine and role who does the laundry. But even if that is the case, do the laundry for your partner. Launder her/his clothes. Having fresh clothes is great, especially when it is not done by you. Taking care of the hassle is one way to show your partner you care for them, and you want them to be relaxed.

Put out fresh towels

It should be a regular routine, but we sometimes forget to put out fresh towels. And if your partner is working late, it is great to keep the bathroom prepared. In addition to putting out fresh towels, make sure there is hot water in the bathroom. Your partner will surely appreciate coming home and being able to get a quick shower.

Cook their favorite meal

Now, there is a saying that the stomach is the way to a man’s heart. And that is true both ways. Women love a man that can cook for them as much as men love woman cooking their favorite meal. You do not have to even be a professional cook. Just put some effort in. Even if the meal is not good, you will get a good laugh out of it.

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