You don’t have to wait until the New Year to start a new resolution.  Why not start now?

Whether you want to lose weight or you’re just looking to change some things in life, here are 15 simple tweaks you can take advantage of today to make life that much better.

#1 Giving up soda for water

This is one common yet effective healthy lifestyle one can take advantage of today. As you probably know, soda contains a lot of sugar, caffeine, and sodium, which can dehydrate and harm your body over the years. Replacing soda with water is one good way of putting your body back in good shape and feeling great again.  While you don’t have to go cold turkey today, take baby steps and slowly wean off the sugary drinks.

#2 Go through closets and shelves and get rid of things you haven’t used

Start attacking your closets and shelves and get rid of anything you haven’t used in awhile.  Doing so can help you remember where things are and make your home appear a lot more organized, saving you some stress.  It could also make you feel good donating a lot of the items you no longer use.

#3 Throwing out all old socks and buying identical pairs

As weird as it may seem, doing this at least once every year actually saves you a lot of time when pairing up your socks in your drawer. Think about it:  every sock that comes out of the dryer will match up.  How great does this sound?

#4 Cut out the sugar and start eating vegetables and fruits instead

This practice is actually easier said than done. Like drinking the sugary drinks, cut out a lot of sugar you eat as well.  Whether it’s the candy or something else that’s sweet, try to replace that sugary snack with something healthier instead.  Studies have shown that cutting out sugar can help you lose weight, cut your chances of developing diabetes, feel more energetic and so much more.

#5 Flossing

Flossing is clearly easier said than done, and many people find it very difficult to find time flossing, especially considering the fast-paced life we are living in. Flossing, which only takes a minute of your day, will prevent plaque building and gingivitis, and if it’s not part of your routine, you have no excuse.

#6 Always be happy with those you see

This is a very friendly reminder to everyone to stay positive daily. No matter how hard life gets, bring a smile to every one you know and see throughout the day and you might just make someone’s life a bit better.

#7 Use the computer less and spend more time outside and around people instead.

Instead of scrolling Facebook for hours, go outside, meet new people at the park, experience something new in your town, and you might just find the thing you need to make your life as complete as ever.

#8 Download f.lux

F.lux is great for people who use the computer throughout the night..  Downloading this app will put yourself in a more relaxed state since this app changes your computer screen’s color, preventing eye strain and headaches.

#9 Wake up at 6 a.m.

Start waking up at six in the morning so you can get in your personal time to read/work on personal projects before everyone else is awake to distract you. There is absolutely no reason for people not to do this, especially when you are spending a lot of time at work, school, or anything that requires time.

#10 Investing money away as soon as you get your paycheck

There’s a good chance you get a paycheck, and if you’re not saving a few dollars each week, then it’s time to start doing so because you don’t want to work until you’re 90 years old.  Create an automated withdrawal plan and start treating your savings like a bill.   For instance, if you’re 20 years old today and save just $61 per month, you can have $1 million by 65 if your investments see a 12% gain every year.

#11 Riding a bicycle and using the car sparingly

Try to save fuel and money by riding a bicycle whenever you can.  Not only is riding a bike going to save you money and fuel, it’s also great for your health and your environment.

#12 Sticking a to-do list on your bedroom door or pictures of someone who motivates you

Many would agree that this is one great way to remind you what needs to be done for the day.  A picture or quote can also help you reach the goals you have been thinking about as well.  While it doesn’t have to necessarily be the bedroom door, stick it somewhere you will see it the minute you wake up.

#13 Regular meditation

Change your lifestyle in one way you have never experienced before. Relax, take a break, put down all worries and other negative things, and consider putting meditation into your schedule and ease your life with it.  It only takes 20 to 30 minutes of your day and trust me, you will thank me later for it.

#14 Get rid of debt

Start attacking your debt so you can appreciate spending more.  Once the debt is paid off, make a pact to never have debt again.  There’s something about seeing $0 balances on your credit card that can make you sleep easier at night.

#15 Take risks

Let’s save the best tip for last:  take risks.  More risk taking often makes you feel more alive and can get you out of your comfort zone.  Stop doing the same thing every day and consider doing something you may have never thought of such as talking to strangers, skydiving or even take boxing lessons.

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