Working hard without the time and motivation can be hard. If you want to see visible results in a few weeks’ time, you must be motivated and dedicated. Most importantly, you must be consistent in both your diet and workout.

Today, we will feature 15 unconventional info about the Maxi Climber. The Maxi Climber is a very versatile exercise equipment especially if you know how to maximize the use of all its parts.

Remember, not all people meet their goals within their predicted timeframes. It is your determination to do so even if you’ve exceeded your self-given time that will help you succeed. It is perfectly natural not to see visible results right away.

You can always find workout techniques that suit you will. This can help speed you up. In working out, you must not only work hard, but you must also work smart. Choosing the perfect diet, workout plan and exercise equipment will help you progress faster.

Getting Those Results

As you wait for visible results to appear, the delay might make you edgy. You might even feel as if what you’re doing won’t change anything. Don’t.

Instant gratification isn’t as fulfilling as seeing your body gradually come closer to your “goal.” Patience is always a virtue, even in fitness.

Just as we mentioned earlier, your diet and workout plan are the two most significant things. Being very meticulous about which exercise program and diet works for you best is helpful.

You can start by mapping out which body parts you want to work on. Do you want to get abs? Tone your arms and legs? Or get a bigger butt?

After this, you will eventually find things getting easier. The next step is knowing your body type. Do you more fat or muscle? There are three body types: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

You can take a test to determine which one of the three is your body type.

From there, you can choose which equipment, diet and workout routine is best for your body type.

15 Unconventional Infos About the Maxi Climber

  1. The Maxi Climber is an excellent cardio exercise equipment. It helps you make use of all the major muscle groups in your body.
  2. It is a vertical climber that imitates rock climbing movements.
  3. The Maxi Climber stress on your lower body joints and uses your bodyweight as resistance. From your legs and abs up to your triceps and biceps, the Maxi Climber has got you covered.


  1. You can burn an estimate of 500 calories by just using the Maxi Climber for an hour.
  2. The Maxi Climber involves weight resistance training, muscle toning, and aerobic exercise.
  3. Its isometric grips are non-stick. They are designed for ergonomically for all body types. (Ecto, Meso, and endomorph)
  4. You can easily adjust the height of the Maxi Climber to fit your workout plan.
  5. The Maxi Climber’s cold-roiled steel is durable enough to support weight up to 240 pounds (110 kilograms.)
  6. It also features a personal workout timer which starts and stops when you do. You will be able to monitor your progress with its Digital Calorie and Step Counter.


  1. The Maxi Climber only weighs 34 pounds which are why it is very easy to assemble and to store inside the house. You can even carry it to the gym!
  2. It comes 90% pre-assembled. You can already start your workout right away!
  3. After your workout, store the Maxi Climber with ease by utilizing its unique compact folding design.
  4. You can lose as much as 20 pounds of calories in one week’s time of using the Maxi Climber regularly.
  5. Compared to your traditional treadmill, the Maxi Climber can help burn calories much faster.
  6. You can get as much as much as 45% afterburn EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).


The Maxi Climber is an excellent workout machine. This is most especially true if you want fast results. However, it can only do so much. Remember, working out works hand in hand with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, your determination is what will get you those results. Work hard and work smart! For more info about the Maxi Climber visit

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