3 Fitness Watches with Heart Rate Monitor For Less Than $200

If you’re looking to get in shape, a fitness watch with a built-in heart rate monitor could be exactly what you need. Fitness trackers and watches are now incredibly advanced, and although they’re relatively new, they have come a heck of a long way since the days of the standard pedometer you used to clip to your collar or belt a few years back.

Fitness trackers nowadays can do pretty much everything for you, other than the actual exercise itself, so it is worth investing in a good quality device. If you’re worried you may be breaking the bank, worry not, as we’ll be looking at 3 of the best devices currently on the market, all for less than two hundred bucks! If you’re on the lookout for a fitness watch, you will probably want to consider one of the three devices listed below.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit charge 2 is one of the most advanced fitness trackers on the market today, and at just $149.19, it is one heck of a bargain and is worth every cent. In the style of a modern looking wristband, the fitbit charge 2 is loaded full of features designed to help make your fitness journey that little bit simpler. The charge 2 offers PurePulse continuous heart rate tracking which is ideal for calorie tracking for the entire day. It provides simple heart rate zone information so you can exercise within your target range, for your goals and targets I.E cardio, fat burning, and peak training. The device features an OLED display, it offers smart notifications, it can connect to GPS to map your route, it tracks calories burnt, active minutes, exercise intensity, floors climbed, steps, distance, and much more besides. With Fitbit, you also know that you’re getting a name that you can trust.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Up next we have the Garmin Vivosmart HR+. The HR+ is a little pricier at $169.99 but don’t let that put you off, as this is still a great price for what it is that you’re getting. It too offers 24/7 HR monitoring, it tracks activity, has top of the range running metrics to track distance, pace, and personal bests, it offers GPS integration so you can map and track your routes, plus it allows you to track your chosen sporting disciplines using the Move IQ features. The band is sleek and stylish, and can sync up to your smart device using the Garmin Connect App. The device is also water-resistant, so whether you are running, hiking, swimming, biking, walking, or anything else, the vivosmart HR has you covered.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Finally, we have the Samsung Gear Fit 2. At $158.99, this too is a device worth every penny. The gear fit 2 tracks steps taken, sleep duration and quality, floors climbed, heart rate, exercise intensity, and plenty more besides. The device provides smart notifications so you can respond to, and receive notifications via text, call, email, and more. It also features an auto-tracking function, so it will instantly recognize the type of exercise you are engaging in, and will begin tracking accordingly. The device is water-resistant, features a very modern curved AMOLED display screen, and even offers in-built GPS for exercise mapping.

Training with a heart rate sensor has plenty of health and training benefits. From heart rate zone training for “fat burning” to simply guiding you to training safely within an allowable heart rate for a beginner, a heart rate watch acts more or less like a private trainer.  Hence all your health readings and data are captured in one simple wearable device on one’s wrist. The best part is you can get a fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor for less than $200.


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When you think of fitness trackers, you think of big household names like Fitbit.  Rightly so, but if you want something more than a Fitbit, and one that offers a heart rate sensor, in built GPS, fantastic smart notification alerts, an activity tracker ideally built for swimming, running, cycling or even triathlon training, check out http://garminfitnesstracker.com/ for a comprehensive list of the top rated Garmin fitness watches. On the website, you will find a list of 10 of the best Garmin watches that will suit the beginners to the fitness warrior!


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