Keeping up with modern trends is really hard, especially when it comes to designing your living room. Each year we see new and crazy living room ideas that were completely unimaginable a few decades ago. But what makes a modern living room? Is it a cool 4K TV, futuristic couch design, a blue crystal pendant light or maybe something else completely?

To answer this question, we focused on three main factors: technology, style, and colours. So not to waste any more time, here is our take on how to design a modern living room and what should it include.


One thing that stands out in modern living rooms is their style. Unlike in old, cluttered and poorly lit living rooms, you should take great care of how space is used in modern ones. Everything from the design of the furniture and floors to the design of the walls and lighting should be carefully planned to fit together harmoniously.

For example, the simple and clean design of furniture is used in a lot of modern living rooms. Sofas and couches are monochrome and rarely have any patterns on them, but even if they do, they are usually simple shapes. The floor, in most cases, is covered by a carpet in a single colour. The key is to get rid of the clutter from your living room. The cleaner the design, the better it looks. Lighting is particularly important and you should use natural lighting as much as you can. Of course, you will need to install ceiling lights and they should fit the overall simplistic design, so no overly stylised chandeliers.

That is pretty much for the style and design. Naturally, you should follow your own taste and design your living room accordingly, but this is how most contemporary ones are set up, so you can use it as a reference point.


Technology is a very important part when creating your modern living room. More and more technology is getting integrated into every part of our lives and living rooms are not any different. In the past, most living rooms had a TV, a sofa, and a table. Not much, right? But, today, living rooms are packed with advanced technology.

Thanks to mandatory wireless internet and high-tech home theatres, living rooms are becoming the biggest gathering spots in the house. So, it is only natural that there are companies, like Universal Home Theatre, that specialise in installing all sorts of living room gadgets. If you need someone to install your sound system, mount your 4K TVs, or set up the whole home theatre, these are the guys to call.


Lastly, we would like to talk about colours that are used in living rooms. As we said before, natural colours and tones are used a lot in modern living rooms. But even more important than that is that all colours are matching. Consider painting your walls in white, cream or beige. These colours are perfect for your living room, especially if you want to shine some light on a piece of artwork or furniture. Also, you should use your decorations and furniture to break the plain look of these colours, so don’t be afraid to use vivid-coloured vases or perhaps bright lights and signs from a website like Neon Mama. Just be careful not to introduce too many different colours and create a circus out of your living room.

And that is all from us. We hope that you learned something new when it comes to designing a modern living room. As you can see, the key is to keep everything simple, with no overly complicated shapes and styles. Additionally, don’t forget to declutter space as much as you can, this will especially give a modern vibe to your living room.

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