When you’re happy with the special person you love, there is no other bliss you can ask from the God. Time flows like a fountain from the mountain, flawless. When you take a decision to dedicate your entire life to that person. Well, that seems to be a very big deal. You just can’t stay together if you don’t treat each other well and appreciate.

Gifts can be a perfect way to tell him/her how special are they to you. There is a whole lot of trend going on nowadays. The anniversary is one of the most important days in the life of married couples. That is the day, they started living together. Even after so many years together, anniversary brings all the old memories together.

Through this article, I am going to provide you some quick and handy gift ideas and date ideas that can help you to express your love exactly in the way he/she wants. I will first provide you gift ideas for husbands, and then for wives. These ideas will help you to build an understanding level and make your partner feel special again.

Let’s get started, first with the gift ideas for him.

3 Gift Ideas for him.

A man is not very hard to understand, some presume that. However, I feel like every man is different in its own way and that is the reason you need to understand your man to give him the perfect gift which he’ll keep with him all the time. I have just the thing, actually three things that can prove to be the best gift for your husband.

Time Capsule.

This gift is actually for your sensitive hubby, as this time capsule must contain all the magical moments of you two together. This will be the ultimate present for him as it will always remind him how you feel about him. You can get many types of time capsule from any online store. There are tons of them and you can get it quite easily.

Personalized Couples Art.

There are tools which can give you the perfect platform to keep both of you together as a snapshot. But the unique point of this snapshot would be that it is not a real photo. It is being drawn by either software or hand (Manually). This type of gift not only just make him feel special but also make him laugh.

If you choose a software for that, you might wanna choose something which gives you to build a human with the help of template outlines. You can make funny faces or whatever you want. Make a portrait of both of you and frame it to add an extra touch.

A Surprise Getaway.

A man always works so hard in his office that there are many times a possibility that he might even miss his birthday and anniversary. So, here you have to take the special task in your hand. Coordinate with his office to give him a day off without letting him know. And then go to his office and surprise him in the best way he wanted. Honestly, every husband and boyfriend expect this from his spouse/girlfriend. So, give him what he wants and see a sparkling smile on his face as he spends the day he will never forget.

3 Gift ideas for her

Just like the man, the woman also is not easy to understand (Well, that is not very new!). But when you’re in love with one, you don’t need to understand her. You just have to love her and express your love vibrantly and she’ll always be on your side. So, let’s see top three best gift ideas that will lift her spirits for you.

Breakfast in Bed.

You can make her day, all you need is your creativity in the kitchen. Wake up early than her and add a romantic touch in the breakfast. You can try a heart shaped bread with an exotic coffee and some fried eggs. That’ll do the trick. Usually, breakfast adds up an extra mojo to you on Valentine, but it will be an awesome surprise for her to see this sweet side of yours towards her. Believe it or not, it is better than any material gift.

Hollow Book: Surprise!!!

If she loves reading, the initial reaction will be awesome. And if she is not a voracious reader, you might expect a little odd behavior initially but then the reaction will be memorable when she will open the book. As for the secret gift, you can opt for any pendant or necklace or anything of her liking. However, here the reaction of her will be priceless. This will make her realize that you can still surprise her. And eventually, this shows the intimacy you have for her happiness.

Customized Diamond Ring.

Well, yes. Girls love beautiful stones. They always had and they always will love it. So, on the occasion of your anniversary, you can go for this. This will cost you a few bucks heavy on your pocket but the happiness is something which must be prioritized before money. So, pick a right ring and propose her as you first did before marriage. I can bet this will give her goose bumps. Make her realize that even today living with her is an excitement for you.

So, these are the awesome gift ideas which can make your day a memorable day. Always remember how you cross the timeline together by remaining on each other sides. And you have to stay that way for him/her happiness, because believe it or not, his/her happiness starts with you and ends with you.

Just so you remember, I would like to give you a quick flashback of what top 3-anniversary gift you can offer to your loved one.

Gift Ideas for him.

  • Time Capsule will be the ultimate present for him as it will always remind him how you feel about him.
  • Personalized Couples Art can give you the perfect platform to keep both of you together as a snapshot.
  • Every husband and boyfriend expect a Surprise Getaway from his spouse/girlfriend.

Gift Ideas for her.

  • Breakfast in Bed can make her day.
  • Surprise her with a Hollow Book, the initial reaction will be awesome.
  • Make her realize that even today living with her is an excitement for you by presenting a diamond ring for her.

I hope you like my ideas. May these help you to make your special day memorable. Good Luck Mate.


Author Bio:

Gemma Gannon has a great sense of fashion and trendy pieces of jewelry. She is a jewelry designer and artist associated with Australian Diamond Company, an online shop that offers a wide selection of unique engagement rings in Melbourne. Gemma works with an experienced team of diamond experts and skilled craftsmen, well known for providing top quality diamond rings and jewelry.



  1. Love the art idea. My sister received a sketch of her wedding dress and his suit for her one year. It was the most perfect gift ever. I am a sucker for personalized gifts. This was spot on. My husband then gave me a sketch of us too.

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