Going to work on a daily basis can be really stressful at times. We always need some off time to relax –Yes always. Luckily, the weekend isn’t far out, do you know what that means? 48 HOURS OF PEACE!

Okay well yes there is that (which is amazing for most people,) but there is a lot more you can do on your weekends other than chilling on your bed with food and a Netflix binge for hours.

One other way you can seriously dissolve all that stress and daily work routine out of your system is by prepping yourself up for a weekend getaway! It helps to refresh your body and improve your mood to enhance your productivity for the coming week. We have got some tips for you to spend the much-awaited weekend in style.

Now most antisocial shut-ins wouldn’t really prefer this – it could be too much of a hassle for them but we have a solution for them as well!

Here we can provide you with some really great weekend getaway outfits that are chic and comfy that even the indoor lovers will be willing to rock! Go ahead and read on to see our recommended choices and trust us – You will not be disappointed.

Casual Outdoors

Does your weekend involve hanging outdoors with friends with an outdoorsy dinner plan ahead? If so, than you would need to conjure up some layers for your getup.

Layering may seem too stuffy but with the right amount of layers and a proper selection of clothes, you will be in a perfect bliss whether the day is hot or cold. Add to your getup a long skirt with leggings or tights underneath. The tights are the right balance here as they remain cool against the legs, but also provide protection against any chilly winds. As for the shoes, you can always wear the flat boots which are comfortable and just right for any weather. You can opt for a leather jacket as well but if you feel that’s too much than a long cardigan can be a great addition to this style too. 

Travel Mode

Most people tend to go traveling alone or with a group of friends on weekends. Aside from the haul of stuff you’ve got in your travel bag, your stamina wouldn’t be able to keep up if you haven’t gotten the proper clothes on for the occasion.

When in doubt, wear sneakers. It’s the most comfortable footwear that can be worn and is a must when you plan to go traveling. Cargo jackets with ripped jeans and sunglasses are one of the most common getups that are worn on such casual lots-of-walking outdoor plans and also go perfectly well with the sneakers.

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However, if you are someone who is not that into sneakers but require comfort for your feet during travels, we recommend flat boots. They are a great alternative to sneakers and your feet won’t hate you for putting them through an agonizing experience in case you had planned to wear something other than that.

Cuteness Overload

Sometimes you don’t have any specific plans for what you plan to do on your weekend. Perhaps you are just planning to go out and follow where your instincts lead you. In that case you need to feel comfortable and of course, slay a gorgeous outfit at all times.

You could go for a tucked in top with high-waist jeans and platforms – They are simple yet chic and don’t look over the top, that is if you know how to rock them. You can also wear a neutral-colored top with denim shorts and tights. Add a bit of layers with a denim jacket to portray a cute yet hip appearance!


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