Sometimes in life, we need to get out of a relationship as quickly as possible. Normally it is because of a violent partner. Rather than talking a breakup through, the only solution may be to get out of the relationship straight away and break all contact. Ready for taking the first step out of your toxic relationship? Here’s how you can end it once and for all.

Call A Locksmith

If your partner has been violent or acting dangerously, change the locks on your house. This will keep you and your kids safe for the time being. Many companies offer 24-hour call-outs so you will be able to change your locks at a time which is convenient to you It is a good idea to stay with a friend or relative for a few days after you have changed the locks. If your partner has a short temper, he could explode once he finds out he can’t enter the home. So it is best to be well out of the way until he calms down and eventually leaves you alone.

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Lawyers can help you out of a sticky situation, even relationships. So if you are about to go through a divorce, it’s a good idea always to have a lawyer’s number handy. Try and find a local firm who you can trust before you actually require them. If you wait to find one until you require their services, you could end up rushing to commit to one. Be sure to give yourself enough time to consider all the different law firms in your area. Take a look online to see what they can offer you: If you are expecting to fight over the custody of your kids, be prepared for a messy legal battle!

Speak To Charities

There are various charities that help domestic abuse victims get out of relationships. One of which is the NCADV. If you speak to them, they will let you know what options are available to you. They may even be able to put you up in a safe spot for a few weeks after you leave your partner. There are many sanctuaries around the country aimed at women and their children who are fleeing violent partners. So give a charitable organization a call to see what facilities there are in your area.

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Get Help From Friends And Family

Speak to your friends and family. They will want what is best for you, so will only be too happy to help you out of this horrible situation. If they know your partner particularly well, then you could use them as a go-between. This way, you do not have to face your partner again. Friends and relatives may even have a spare bedroom where you can stay until this all blows over. But most of all, they will be there as a shoulder to cry on.

If you find yourself in a violent relationship, don’t worry. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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