If you can afford it, Vitamix is an appliance that might revolutionize the way you think about your diet.

The Vitamix and its many handy kitchen features have been noted for many health benefits. Here are four ways that you might find a Vitamix helpful.

  1. Retain more nutrients

The way a Vitamix can break down raw ingredients helps retain nutrients. It chops up ingredients into much smaller pieces than you could manage chewing, which ends up releasing more nutrients into your body. You can even include leaves, stems, and skin, because the Vitamix can spin fast enough to blend all of this. A Vitamix generally means you take in more nutrients with each meal.

  1. Make faster, simpler meals

With a Vitamix, you end up having to do less prep for your meals. Throw in whole pieces of fruit and you have a delicious smoothie ready within minutes. Throw in vegetables with chicken stock, and have a hot soup in 15 to 20 minutes. The Vitamix can make dips, cocktails, sauces, dressings and more—all with the press of a button.


  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

With the ability to make smoothies, soups and other dishes in a flash, you can easily find yourself throwing in more fruits and vegetables into all sorts of meals. More fruits and vegetables means a boatload of important nutrients that will make your diet healthier in a variety of ways.

  1. Cut out dairy

You may have reasons to cut out dairy in your diet—lactose intolerance, for example. But it can be hard to cut out milk, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream and the like when you’re used to having them in your favorite dishes. A Vitamix can turn almonds into almond milks or cashews into cashew cream cheese or cheese sauce. You can also use coconut milk to make homemade ice cream.

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