The long Easter weekend is ahead, and we’ll spend it peacefully, surrounded by friends and family, sharing a nice meal (or two, or three…). Besides eating a delicious Easter lunch, you’ll probably eat some chocolate and delicious Easter carrot cakes, too. After spending the entire weekend eating sweets and watching TV, you’ll probably feel bad when you go back to work. So, instead of being a couch potato, you can try some of these amazing ways to work out and have fun with your family.

Go on a fitness egg hunt

Egg hunts are incredibly fun and exciting, but they will be even more so if you decide to spice them up and throw in some workout moves. Go egg hunting with your entire family and hide several plastic eggs in which you can place a paper with an exercise. Whoever finds it should open it and do the exercise for about a minute. It can be pretty much anything: jumping jacks, squats, hopping around the yard like a bunny… Have your entire family participate, and hide the eggs from each other so that nobody knows where all the eggs are. Every now and then, you can also place a small chocolate egg as a treat.

Hula-hoop competition

When was the last time you played with a hula-hoop? Not only is this activity fun, but it’s a great workout to get a better defined waist. Hold a hula-hoop competition with your kids and friends. You can have an ordinary competition where the person who lasts the longest wins, or you can use hula-hoops to create interesting obstacles. The key is to take part in as many games as possible – when you spend time with kids, you discover that their joy is contagious and you won’t even notice how the time flies.

A small race

If you’re lucky enough to have nice weather during Easter holidays, you can organize a small race in the nearby park or even in your street. Take out your hoverboards, scooters, bicycles, and rollerblades and see who is the first to get from point A to point B. Hop on your lovely purple hoverboard and show everyone the skills you possess. This way, you will do some serious workout while having loads of fun at the same time  with your friends and family.

Egg & spoon race

This is a simple activity you can do in your backyard or even indoors if the weather is bad. Have each member of your family take a spoon and place a boiled egg in the spoon. The aim is to be the first one to come from point A to point B. To make it more interesting and more difficult, you can have each contestant do a number of things while holding the egg in the spoon: do five squats, run around a chair, spin three times and continue running… What is best, you can do this one by one; when one person finishes the race, they give the egg to the next person. Before you know it, you’ll be tired and won’t feel guilty about eating all those eggs.

Decide to be healthy this spring and organize Easter games for the entire family. Not only will you be spending some quality time with each other, you will also be outside breathing fresh air, and you’ll be working out instead of sitting at the table, eating chocolate all day. Some of these activities only take about twenty minutes, and after that, you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of chocolate eggs without feeling guilty.

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