The two of you probably have a long history together: your best friend is like a sibling that you choose and you can’t imagine your life without them. You probably know everything about each other, talk often, hang out, and have a million crazy memories of your quirky little adventures. Then, why is it so difficult to pick them a present? You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift they will not even use or like; we offer you five great ideas for your best friend’s gift.

A special cup

Everyone needs a new cup every now or then, regardless of their ‘poison of choice’: coffee, tea, orange juice or hot chocolate. A cookie monster cup with an opening for a cookie in the bottom, a cup with an animal whose tail is actually a handle, a cup with your photo on it, or the one with a motivational quote to cheer them up – creative cups are simple and yet special. People usually have plain old (and boring) cups in their cupboards, and by giving your best friend a special cup, you will brighten up their mornings when they sip their drink from it.

A skincare set

Giving your best friend a skincare set doesn’t mean that you think their skin is horrible. On the contrary, it shows that you care about them and you encourage them to take good care of their bodies. Depending on the kind of skin your best friend has, you can choose to get them a skin care set, a luxury GlamGlow set, or Jurlique’s set that reduces redness. A set of gentle cleansers is perfect for both sexes, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Your photos

You probably have a folder filled with your photos: from the crazy ones you snapped while you’re getting ready to go out, to insane selfies in the club and birthday photos. However, when was the last time you actually held a photo in your hands? Print out your favourite photos and put them in a nice photo album or a photo frame. What is more, you can make one yourself if you have the patience. You don’t have to be particularly crafty – a couple of twigs or even popsicle sticks tied or glued together will make a great frame.

Matching keychain

If your friend is not big on jewellery but you’d like everyone to see that you are true besties, why not opt for matching keychains instead. It can be about your mutual interests: two pieces of a music note, two pieces of a yin-yang symbol, or something simple like a heart that says ‘best friends’ that can be ‘broken’ in half so that both of you get a piece.

Insane underwear

Is there anything that says ‘you’re my best friend, we are both insane, and I love you’ like a pair of insane undies? Panties with print that glows in the dark, panties with lollipops, Disney princess panties, panties that look like they are ripped, and panties with beer print – all of these are hilarious and your friend will love them. Forget about boring grandma panties and dull boxers and give your friend (and perhaps their significant other) something to laugh about.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, their birthday, or just a random occasion and you are looking to surprise them or cheer them up – these simple but lovely presents will make their day. They show that you care about them and that you value your friendship a lot, and that speaks volumes of your mutual love.

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