There’s no greater time for newlyweds to escape for a much-needed private getaway than when they have just been married. However, if you could not go on a honeymoon right after you tied the knot, you can always plan a couples’ getaway with your spouse when the time is right and when you can afford a spectacular honeymoon vacation at a destination you both love.

A trip to an exotic Caribbean island is a dream-come-true for honeymooners who want to have a tropical beach vacation but don’t want to travel too far out. If you’re planning a honeymoon trip to the Caribbean, the following tips will serve as a handy guide to a wonderful vacation.

Know where you’re going

Before you book a destination in the Caribbean, read up about the place, its culture, any travel restrictions and the experiences it has to offer to couples. The Caribbean is indeed a haven for families and friends looking for a laid-back vacation at some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. It consists of 32 islands, a handful of which have grown into popular travel destinations for all kinds of travelers.

When picking the Caribbean nation you want to visit, check if it can offer the quality accommodation and premium hospitality that you expect from your honeymoon resort or hotel. If you love to party and explore the surroundings, go for a place that has an active nightlife, live events, excursions and daytrips, and so on.

The idea is to choose a destination that suits the likes and dislikes of both partners. Why go to a remote island lacking in basic amenities when you can have all the private time you want at a specialty private couples’ resort right in the heart of, say, Jamaica?

DIY online reservation versus travel agency

This one’s tricky as it works differently for everyone. If you’re the DIY type of vacationer who loves to spend hours looking up places, travel deals and limited-period offers on honeymoon getaways in the Caribbean, you’d have no problem finding a budget vacation. However, if time is an expensive commodity in your life, or you simply like to delegate the grueling tasks, find a good local travel agent and ask them to find you a honeymoon destination that suits your preference, budget, time of travel and, of course, your partner’s expectations.

One advantage with making an online reservation on your own is that you are on top of things and know each and every fine detail of your vacation package. For the best honeymoon getaway that money can buy, explore the private all-inclusive couples resorts in the Caribbean—properties that offer ultimate luxury and a variety of custom-created experiences at pricing newlyweds can afford.

Plan some individual time-out

While most newlyweds feel they would never want to be on their own on a honeymoon, constantly being in the company of just one person for days on end can get to some people, particularly those who are introverts and need alone time to recharge and rejuvenate. So when exploring a honeymoon package at a Caribbean resort, check if they have sufficient activities that you and your spouse would enjoy doing on your own. From foot spa to golfing to indoor and outdoor sports, all-inclusive resorts generally have plenty to offer to guests of all ages and preferences. Book any paid experiences well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Pack like a pro

Pack light and don’t bother carrying more than a couple of evening outfits. And remember to carry the following essentials for a stress-free beach vacation: two pairs of swimwear, beach cover-up/sarong, slip-on beach dresses, shorts and tees, flip-flops, beach hat, sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen, a wrap or throw, beach tote, a sweater or cardigan if needed, phone charger, tablet and its charger, headphones, camera and its charger, batteries if needed, passports, travel insurance, pain medication, credit cards, and cash.

Lastly, tell yourself to relax

Planning a wedding and then a honeymoon can get taxing for couples and sometimes it becomes difficult to get over the exhaustion and deal with the anxieties of beginning a new relationship all at the same time. To make the most of your much-awaited honeymoon, tell yourself and your spouse to switch off all existential worries once you leave home and step into the cab to the airport. Honeymoon planning can get dreary, but it pays magnificent rewards in the end, so tune out of life back home and tune in to your much-awaited romantic getaway.

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