So, it is your first trip alone and you have made various plans as to what you will do on reaching your location. Travelling solo can be fun provided you have done all the safety checks. When you are travelling alone, it becomes all the more important to travel safely because there is no one to oversee things. Here are some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind while travelling alone.

  • Get a travel insurance

This is one of the things that can cover a lot of expenses if you are in trouble while travelling solo.

What to do: For a small amount of fee, you will be able to cover various medical expenses, rental car damages, trip cancellations and some of the insurance policies also cover for lost baggage as well. So, you will basically have a tension-free trip while travelling using the Redbus offers without having to think about all these things.

  • Be friendly but not too friendly

It is always good to meet new people when you are travelling alone. You can also become friends with some of them. But there have been cases where tourists were mugged by “friends” whom they met when they travelled to a new tourist spot.

What to do: Just make sure you don’t become too close or attached to them. Keep your ATM card, passport and cash with you all the time and do not trust anyone with these things.


  • Keep a backup of all the travel documents

Keeping back up of the important documents you need while travelling is one of the basic things to do.

What to do: Make soft copies of all your travel documents like plane ticket, your passport, ticket numbers, other IDs and hotel details by scanning or taking photos. Email them in your own email address so that if you lose them while travelling, you can always get access to those details by logging in to your email id. You can also make use of locked sites like DropBox to store all the soft copies of these documents.

  • Do a background check on the hotel

Hotel websites have impressive photos uploaded on their website. It would be wise to do a background check on the hotel that you will be staying.

What to do: There are many websites where you will get feedbacks from previous tourists about their experience of staying at that hotel. Read those reviews carefully and then decide about staying in that hotel or in some other place.

  • Keep in touch with your family back home

Travelling solo does not mean you will not contact your family at all, indeed keeping in touch with them will make your trip safer.

What to do: It is important that you call them at least once so that they know about your whereabouts. If any unforeseen incident happens, they will be able to inform the local police about what you have been doing or what you were about to do. Simple things can be very useful when you are travelling alone.

While travelling with your family or friends can be really fun, but there is nothing like travelling solo. You have all the freedom and you can literally visit any place you want. However, that can be successful if you can be responsible enough and keep the above points in mind. Travel safe and travel solo!

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