Having little or no self-confidence can make certain aspects of your life tough. It can make it difficult to advance at work or talk to strangers. You might fear new experiences and dislike what you see in the mirror. It can even stop you from pursuing your dreams and making them a reality. We all have times in our life when we don’t feel confident.

This can be caused by a number of factors such as bullying when we were younger or a recent medical issue. Regardless of what initially caused you to feel low in yourself, there are things you can do to make you feel better. Here are five easy actions you can use to regain control and instantly boost your confidence.

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Wear something you love

The clothes we choose to wear reflect our emotions more than many of us realise. When we feel low in confidence, we tend to choose clothing that is loose fitting and familiar. It could be an old t-shirt or a pair of yoga pants. These items act as a security blanket of sorts that we can hide behind. Instead of facilitating your low self-confidence with these items, you need to find an outfit that makes you feel amazing. This will help you break out of your rut and make you instantly feel on top of the world. Maybe there’s a style of clothing you’ve always liked but never tried. Or maybe there’s a dress you’ve had your eye on for a while. Wearing something you love doesn’t  necessarily mean spending a fortune. If it makes you look and feel fabulous, then it doesn’t matter what outfit consists of or how much it costs. Wear this outfit as often as possible or keep it in your wardrobe for times when you need a pick me up.

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Improve your posture

When people are lacking in self-esteem, they often walk with hunched shoulders and look to the ground. Not only can this habit encourage the development of severe health concerns, but it can also make you feel worse. It gives the appearance of someone who is unhappy and unwilling to make eye contact. Whereas someone who walks tall looks more approachable, successful and attractive. So to improve your self-confidence you need to improve your posture. Look in the mirror and imagine that your head is being pulled up towards the sky. Your body will naturally straighten, and you’ll see how much better you look. It may feel strange to begin with, but your body will thank you for it. Some people also use back braces, corsets and exercise to gain better posture. Always talk to your doctor before trying any of these options out to avoid causing damage.  Ask friends, family, and your colleagues to tell you when you’re slouching and it will soon become second nature.

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Do daily exercise

It’s no secret that exercise can be hard work and strenuous sometimes. But it can also hold a whole host of benefits that can improve and build confidence. It can make your body look and feel healthier while reducing the risk of serious issues such as heart disease. It’s also the quickest and easiest way of releasing endorphins. These chemicals are known to make a person feel happier and encourages a more positive outlook. Start looking for different exercise styles and classes near to your home that you can sign up to. Or you can use workout DVDs and Youtube to try them out at home. You could try yoga, boxing or dancing for instance. Find one that you thoroughly enjoy and it will be easier to stick to a daily workout regime. Exercising daily is a surefire way of making you feel more confident and will start your day in the best way possible.

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Volunteer your time

Volunteering is an activity that can make you feel more fulfilled and confident by helping others. We can all get so wrapped up in our own issues that we forget how fortunate we are. Volunteering can help you realise that your life isn’t so bad and that you have everything to be confident about. There are plenty of establishments that welcome volunteers of all ages. You could volunteer at a animal sanctuary, old people’s home or at a children’s hospital. Try to choose one that interests you in some way. Even if you can only help out once a week, it will make a difference. You’ll meet people with similar interests and make new friends. As well as gaining new skills and knowledge that you can apply to other areas in your life. You’ll enjoy giving something back as it will give you so much more in return.

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Smile more often

It may sound slightly contrived, but making the effort to smile more can have a significant effect on your mood. It makes you look more approachable, friendly and attractive on the outside. While also making you feel good inside too. Allowing you to feel more confident all round. It’s also a simple way of making others feel great about themselves too. If a friend, relative or colleague sees you smiling, they will naturally want to mimic you. This will lift their mood as well as your own and also boost your self-confidence. Use a mirror and practice smiling. This will feel weird at first, but it will show you how much happier you look. Think of funny stories or jokes to make this easier.

If your smile is one of the reasons you are feeling low in confidence, there are many things you can do. You can view options at Gordon Dental, use at home whitening strips or update your toothbrush and cleaning regime. These should give you a gleaming white smile that you will adore showing off.

It’s perfectly normal to experience periods of low self-confidence. Using some or all of these actions will help make these moments rarer and not a daily struggle. So start implementing them today and become a more confident you in no time.


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