Doesn’t really matter if you are an owner of a chain of stores or a small local shop, gift card programs can really boost your overall sales. Gift card sale usually skyrockets during the holiday season. What’s more interesting is that customers who redeem gift cards at the store usually end up spending more than the card value. For every gift card sold, you get two customers walk-ins, the gift giver and the gift card recipient. This, in turn, gives you two opportunities to impress and get more loyal customers to your store. In fact, you can double your store’s profitability if you promote your gift cards at the right time using the right marketing strategies. Don’t know how to start? Following are 5 effective ways to get the most out of your store’s gift card campaign.

Make Them Look Like Gifts:

Very few customers walk into the store with the intention of buying gift cards. This means most of your target customers are impulsive buyers. Bored by traditional-looking gift cards, most customers wouldn’t feel the need to make a positive move if your store card looks unimpressive. To avoid that from happening, make sure your gift card comes neatly packed inside a gift box. Display the gift box alongside the cards to convince customers that your gift cards are actually gift-worthy. It’s important to remember that customers want to gift something that looks visually impressive. Anything you can do to spruce up your card’ s looks will help in boosting the sale. Apart from including a gift box, consider adding a space for writing personalized messages.

Offer Incentives for Buying Them:

Who doesn’t like a good deal? To encourage customers to add your store gift cards to their carts make sure to offer some kind of a discount or deal. Buy-one-get-one offers are a big hit with customers. This involves giving away a lesser value gift card with every purchase of a high-value gift card. For example, you can give away a $10 gift card free with a $100 card. This sounds way more attractive than a sign that just says “10% discount”.

Utilize Visual Merchandising Tactics:

A few beautifully decorated gift card stands can work wonders. Even customers who had no intention of buying personalized gift cards get attracted by the display and end up purchasing them. Depending on the size of your store you should have a few stands near high traffic areas. You should also setup stands near the checkout counter to score those last moment add-ins.

Employ Online and Offline Marketing Strategies:

Much like selling anything else, effective marketing strategies can help you achieve your sales target. If you have a limited budget, then stick to print marketing and social media promotion. Use danglers, standees, and posters to promote the gift card offer in-store. Hit the social media pages well in advance to create buzz and increase walk-ins.

Sell Them Online and at Other Stores:

One of the best ways to boost your gift card sales is to increase the points of sale. Collaborate with a non-competing store to feature your gift cards at different locations. You can either display their gift cards in return or give them a sales percentage. Gift shops usually feature a variety of different gift cards. Strike a deal with gift shops in your area. There are also a few online gift card stores that will be more than happy to feature your gift card for a sales commission.

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