Acne can be difficult to beat.  Despite using expensive lotions and cleansers, sometimes acne is stubborn and stays around, or in worse cases, spread. There are a few scenarios, aside from the typical hormone fluctuations or stress that can cause acne.


One habit that may cause acne is makeup. While makeup itself does not cause it, certain ingredients in some products may, especially if you have sensitive skin. Experts say to look out for ingredients called “FD&C,” which is an artificial color that may irritate. They also say to look out for lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, isopropyl myristate, and artificial fragrances.

Over-drying products

Another contributing factor to acne can be over-drying your face. Though many so-called acne cures work by drying out the liquid in pimples (namely benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid), if skin is too dry, it might actually produce more oil.

Your Cell Phone (seriously!)

Sometimes, pressure also causes acne. No, we’re not talking about stress. Pressure from placing a cellphone on your cheek or putting your hand under your chin when you’re watching television because the external bacteria might cause pimples to grow.

5 Everyday Habits that are Giving You Acne - cellphone

Dirty Sheets

Your laundry habits may contribute to acne as well. If sheets and pillowcases aren’t washed enough, they might harbor germs and bacteria that encourage pimples growth. Dermatologists recommend to wash pillowcases at least once or twice a week.

Hair Products

Lastly, a surprising habit that might be affecting your skin is the products you use in your hair. Your hair touches your face all day, especially if you have bangs. Products that have oil, silicones and plasticizers can clog pores and produce acne.


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