Motherhood starts with a healthy lifestyle. You got to make sure you’re fit, happy, and bubbly for the miracle. Now, pregnant women require an exclusive list of workouts suiting the first trimester. So, what can be your weekly schedule? Let’s find out!

5 Exercises During Pregnancy

  1. Fun Swimming Lessons

For pregnant women, summer means great news! You can now have all the fun through swimming and water aerobics. And if you’re already in swimming lessons, this will be a piece of cake! 

What’s more, swimming and water aerobics involve low-effort and comfortable workouts. Meaning, you need not put too much pressure on your baby bump or neck to be trained.

Since water can sometimes be risky due to wet surface contact, follow this few simple safety precautions to enjoy your workouts:

  • Hold the railings to move in and out of the pool.
  • Hot pools? Keep away!
  • Keep the bump safe by avoiding direct dive-ins.
  1. Indulge in Peaceful Yoga

Exercises for pregnant women can also include yoga. If you have a yoga instructor, ask them to modify your routine for prenatal yoga sessions. 

These exercises can be the ultimate support for your stressful and fatigued days, helping you breathe easy and relax. You can add various breathing exercises, posture changes, and workouts to improve your overall balance.

And with practice, it gets better as you’ll see benefits such as better mood, controlled blood pressure, a balanced weight, and more! Moreover, health foods for pregnant women are perfect for building up your energy for such yoga sessions. 

Always make sure to take an instructor’s help. You wouldn’t want any accidents that can increase your stress further!

Check out the following yoga suitable for pregnant women to add to your list:

  • Kantha and Skandha Sanchalana (Gentle Neck and Shoulder Rolls).
  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose).
  • Utthanasan (Squat and Rise Pose or Goddess Pose).
  • Savasana (For relaxation), and more!
  1. At-Home Biking Sessions

The recent pandemic has come down harsh on everyone. And for pregnant women, the challenge is one level up!

Even during quarantine, you’ll need to keep your joints flexible. For this, you can get yourself a stationary bike that supports your body weight. 

This isn’t the road so you don’t need to be alert while cycling. At home, you have complete control over your pace and breaks. All you need to be aware of is your balance and posture. 

And if you’ve been worried about how tolose weight after pregnancy, this tip is truly golden! All you’ll need to contribute is 2-3 days of your week for 30 minutes.

  1. Pilates for Pregnant Women

Pilates is a girl’s best friend. Pilates is pregnant women’s’ ultimate physical support system. 

Be it during or post-pregnancy, you can always rely on this workout routine to strengthen your core and muscles. Not to forget for a post-pregnancy body, pilates and postpartum belly wrap are the ultimate solutions.

You can check out the best postpartum belly wrap online for pregnant women to prepare for the body strengthening routines. 

If you’re taking up pilates during your first trimester, make sure to take professional help. You can initiate post-pregnancy body healing by using belly wraps to soothe the back and overall aches before heading for fitness. 

  1. Walk it Off!

Pregnancy weight can be quite a hassle for all. It makes you tire out faster, increases fatigue, and is an overall mess. 

But walking can be a cure for it all. Think about it, you don’t need an instructor, no special instrument, you can do it at home or out, and even for the whole 9 months. How can you beat that?

For brisk walking sessions, all that pregnant women require are running shoes with comfortable soles. 

What’s more, walking is fun! Plugin your earphones and stroll to the beats of your favorite jams. Make sure to swing your arms to build your upper body strength. 

You can schedule your walks for the weekends or divide it among 2-5 days a week. As little as 5 minutes a day can also be fruitful pregnant women like you.

Therefore, if you’re worried about how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding, the answer is thorough exercises. For pregnant women like you, a robust lifestyle with the right food and exercise is perfect for the mum and kid. A steady workout routine can help with rapid recovery post-childbirth. 


 Author’s Bio:

Amalia Liberman is a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer, the author has been featured in Women’s Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge with all her searching and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.

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