We have to hand it to us ladies, when it comes to mixing creativity with workouts, women are way ahead of the game. There are some incredibly innovative workouts out there that are attracting the ladies (and a few men) in droves.

If you’re looking to add a feminine touch to your workout routine, check out some of these fun to do workouts.

Pre-Natal Yoga

It seems that everywhere you turn there’s some article about the amazing benefits of pre-natal yoga. It’s no surprise that these classes are always filled to capacity. It’s enough exercise to stay in shape while remaining gentle enough for the bun in the oven. Many of the exercises also support the muscles you’ll need during the birthing process.

prenatal yoga


Intensati is a mix of aerobics, yoga, dance, mediation, and positive affirmations to get the heart pumping and the mind calm. The logic behind this workout is simple. Studies show that people who go into workouts with a positive mental attitude about their fitness regime lose weight faster.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre franchises are popping up all over the country as women are becoming fanatics of this workout routine. Think ballet, yoga, weights, strength training, and flexibility rolled into one beautifully packaged workout and brand. Not only do they have studio classes they also have DVDs, their own workout gear, workshops, events, retreats and more.

Some popular packages include bridal, pre-natal, and beginner’s sets. One thing worth noting is that Pure Barre is suitable for women of any age and has modifications for injuries.

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing workouts are a fun way to tone every single muscle in your body. Bond with the ladies, find uses for muscles you never knew you had, and build incredible strength with some fun music, fun shoes, and a pole. Many pole dancing studios also offer other fun classes like aerial silks and acrobatics, which will also force you to use some serious muscle strength.
pole dancing

Mix and Match

Women have a ton of fun and innovative workouts they can try out. Mix and match, find your new passion, or just hang loose and try something new while working out your body.


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