5 Healthy Habits for Reducing Tooth Decays in Kids

Tooth decay is actually the destruction of the tooth structure and will affect the outer coating of the teeth called enamel and the inner dentin layer. This is a result of leftovers of excess amounts of food that contains sugars and starches like fruits, cakes, chocolates, milk, cereal, breads and so on. The bacteria present in the mouth digests these food particles to turn them into acids. These bacteria along with food debris, acid and saliva combine together for forming plaque that clings to the teeth.

The acids that are present in the plaque will actually end up dissolving the enamel that is found on the surface of the teeth creating holes that are called cavities. This is how tooth decays are formed and it is very common among children as they tend to have excess amounts of candy and chocolates.

If the kids do not cultivate some healthy habits when it comes to dental care and healthy eating habits, they will end up having a lot of tooth decays and removing a tooth with the help of a dentist will be very painful. Even filling the teeth that is decayed will also be a tough task and will require professional help of a dentist, which will be very expensive. Parents should take their kids to the dentist as soon as their first tooth appears so that they get the right care that they need.

Healthy Habits for Your Kids

Parents should teach their kids some habits that will promote good and healthy oral hygiene so that repeated visits to the dentist can be avoided. This will help in saving a lot of time, money and pain so kids should follow the tips regularly. Here are 5 healthy habits that children can follow to avoid tooth decays:

  1. The amount of sugary food that kids consume should be controlled. They should avoid consuming excess amounts of soft drinks, candy, sweets and other forms of processed sugars as that can cause damage to the molars and teeth. Parents should teach their children about eating fewer sweets. Substituting a piece of cake with fruits and soft drinks with milk in the packed school lunches will give them a healthier option to eat. Even if they eat a dessert for dinner or lunch, they should brush and floss their teeth immediately and rinse their mouth with water.
  2. Eating four meals a day will not only promote healthier diet but it will also help in preventing tooth decays. If kids are eating something all throughout the day, not only will they end up gaining a lot of weight but they will also be susceptible to more cavities. This is why kids should be kept on a proper diet with a breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner routine. They should not eat anything in between the meals and should brush their teeth after every meal.

  1. Maintain a good brushing and flossing routine is very important. Not just kids but everyone should brush at least twice a day say the moment you wake up and just before you go to bed. It is actually advisable to brush even after having a meal or after lunch at least. Flossing is another way of removing excess food particles that gets stuck in between the teeth. This will be able to reach all the places that a normal tooth brush will not be able to so parents should teach their kids the right way of flossing and also to do it twice a day. Storing the floss safely is important so you should keep it in a place where it will not come in contact with water.
  2. While eating, kids should chew their food properly and rinse their mouth after every meal. This will prevent the trapping of food particles in between the teeth.
  3. Massaging the gums will promote good circulation and will help in preventing certain diseases and even a visit to a dentist.

Implement these 5 healthy habits with your kids and visit a dentist if needed to keep tooth decays away.

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