Most of us associate winters with darkness, greyness, and gloominess in the air. Fortunately, the reality is far from that. If nature brings gusty winds and frosted windows in the winter, then it also allows us to add some vibrant colours in our lives. We are talking about the mood lifting and therapeutic abilities of the natural plants, of course. What most people don’t realize is that not only can we add plants inside our homes and outside of them; we can also keep them lasting as they bask in the winter air.

If you wish to liven up your home and workplace this coming winter, then take a look at the following plants that will flourish in the cold:

1.     Wattle:

If you are one of those impatient people and wish to see your plant grow fast in front of your eyes, then you’ll love wattle. Not only do these plants grow fast, but they also provide shelter to the other baby plants.  If you like the sound of these pretty golden shrubs in your garden then you can have them now. Businesses like can be checked out for getting one seeded and arranged on a rental basis.

2.     Daphne:

Daphne can light up the gloomiest rooms in the winters with their sweet smell and peaceful colours. With the right care, protection, and a suitable environment, Daphne can last for ten long years. Not only does this plant smell great, but it also looks beautiful. With its polished green leaf to its narrow greenish, yellowish, white, pink or purple edges, Daphne is certainly a sight to see.

3.     Calliandras:

If you like to have a little edge in your garden then chose Callainadras to plant for the winters.  These flowers are bright red in colour and look just like nature’s pompom as they sway in the wind.  What’s more is that you cannot enjoy its unique red beauty in any season. The birds love them too so be prepared for attracting loads of sweet chirpers near your house.

4.     Leptospermum Cardwell:

You think winters are leafless? Think again. Leptospermum Cardwell is an Australian native plant and from late winters to early spring, these plants flourish into a humongous collection of flowers with their cascading branches.  

5.     Snowdrop:

If you live in an apartment in Australia and want your balcony to stay magical with plants and floral arrangements, then nothing will work better for you than a snowdrop. This plant looks like a thing of fairytales with its bell like shape and colour as white as snow.  

Ponds encourage beautiful plants and really go well with a garden setting (if you have enough room). If you don’t have a pond then you can see the link below, but all of these plants will go beautifully this winter in such a setting.

Every season brings its own charm, and winter’s charm is all the lovely plants that flourish in it. If the cold days make you feel desolate and dreary, then we suggest having these plants established and arranged in your home and workplace and let them thaw your mood and surroundings. 

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