You must have noticed that you can’t properly focus if your desk is messy. Some studies claim that cluttered living space is a reflection of our state of mind and vice versa. Decluttering your home can be a challenging task and many people admit that they don’t know where to start, and how to keep their home tidy and organized. One of the biggest issues is lots of junk stuff with a “sentimental value” that most of us tend to keep around but never use. Fortunately, with a couple of simple hacks, things will easily fall into place.


An entryway tends to get messy and cluttered very often. When it comes to shoes, bear in mind that some research studies say that we bring various contaminants such as lead or pesticides into our homes on our shoes. That’s why it’s important to place them on a mat or shoe rack so that you can regularly clean the area. Store your shoes in a wicker basket or in stackable shoe shelves which allow air circulation and prevent dust from settling on them.


All of us have a pair of favourite jeans that we can’t fit into, and yet we can’t get rid of them. That’s ok, but the situation usually gets out of hand and you end up with a packed wardrobe. The rule says that if you haven’t worn an item in a year, you should simply donate it to charity. Use soda can tabs and slip them over the neck of your hangers, and create double hangers. This little trick will help you maximize your wardrobe space.

Keys and small items

Keys tend to get lost, so you need to have a place where you’ll put them the minute you walk through your door. You can use a simple, inexpensive hook that you’ll put on a wall. There are also more decorative options, such as custom key hangers. However, a pegboard is a great idea as you can hang your keys as well as glasses, earbuds, and other random small items that can be easily misplaced. If you paint it and frame it, you can make your pegboard more visually appealing and attractive.

Daily chores

Being an organized person doesn’t refer only to maintaining a clean and decluttered home. Picking up dry cleaning, taking care of your bills, and shopping for groceries are everyday errands that you have to remember to do. Sometimes, when you’re too busy, you easily forget about them, so a to-do list will help you get through a hectic day and have everything under control. Start using personalised post it notes to jot down your chores and stick them to your monitor, wall, or mirror.

Pots and pans

By hanging pots and pans on the wall, you free up a lot of space for other things in your kitchen cabinets. You can purchase various kinds of cookware racks, some of which can be attached to the ceiling or cupboards. Still, before you get down to reorganizing your kitchen, make sure to throw away old pots and pans, and keep only the ones that you use frequently. Go through your utensils and crockery, and do the same. Use separators to keep items within drawers organized.

Food storage

You should frequently check out your pantry and fridge and throw away the food that has expired. Certain ingredients have a short shelf life, so anything that you’ve opened and not consumed within a couple of days belongs to the recycle bin. This goes for milk, yogurt, mayonnaise, and various condiments. It’s a good idea to make a list of the things that you should stock up on, and avoid buying something that you already have. Organize your pantry by placing similar items on the same shelf. When it comes to the fridge, it should be thoroughly cleaned, as certain types of persistent bacteria and mould can form in salad drawers, so make sure to wipe the shelves once a week. In order to eliminate odours, put an opened box of baking soda in the fridge.

Try these simple tricks and keep your home organized. It’s much easier to maintain a clean and uncluttered space if you get a few things done every day.

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