Ok when your good friend, family member or collogues gives birth, you most likely want to give her a gift to celebrate her new bundle of happiness. But when you think of what to get new mom, your minds jump to various gifts ideas but you can’t decide which one is best for her.

So here’s a 5 awesome gift idea ideas for new mums.

1. A bassinet- or cot- sheet set

Because the first time her baby has gastro, she’ll be wishing she had five sheet sets. Their bodies may be small but don’t be deceived; infants hold an impressive volume of spew, and they have a talent for spreading it as far as the exhausted, bleary eye can see.

2. Pram-top cup holder

There’s a phenomenon that occurs once one begins toting a small human around with oneself. If one stops to enjoy a frothy warm cappuccino whilst said small human sleeps in the pram, that child will inevitably wake-up/poo/vomit/scream/demand a feed the minute one’s bottom hits the seat of the trendy replica Thonet. Disapproving glances from peeved, childless hipsters will ensue.

When I had my dear darling Number One Son, I discovered the only way I would enjoy my caffeine fix was to order it “to have here, but in a takeaway cup”. I hedged my bets. Kid stayed asleep, I sat in cafe. Kid woke up, I don’t have to relinquish my coffee just because it’s in a china mug. I don’t like stealing.

Now, on baby number three, I’ve discovered this fabulous contraption:

Snack pod on one side, beverage holder on the other! Perfect!

3. Feeding support pillow

Give the gift of support. No, I’m not talking about calling in for a cuppa or sending a kind text to see how she’s going on day three (Google this: third-day blues). Emotional support is important, but so is this: comfort whilst feeding her gorgeous newbie.

Whether she’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding, she’ll be using muscles she didn’t even know she had to support that 7lb16oz of gorgeousness, as he or she feeds around the clock.

The Mombo (or similar) offers this support, bringing the baby to breast, or nose to nipple, or lips to bottle… you get the gist. Crouching over will hurt her neck, back, and shoulders. If she’s breastfeeding she may spend a considerable amount of time wondering if she’ll soon be able to tuck her boobs into her socks because the baby dangling off them is dragging them south.

Similarly, a voucher for a neck and shoulder massage would be a very well-received gift!

4. Dry shampoo

Okay, pre-kids I was pedantic about washing and heat styling my long hair every single day. If I left the house for work with damp hair, I felt unprofessional and un-groomed.

Cut to present day: If I leave the house with my hair in a sopping wet bun I’m giving myself a mental high five for washing my hair.

These days brushing is a necessity, washing is a bonus, blowdrying is a luxury, and straightening is strictly reserved for formal occasions like weddings.

If your friend is a little OCD about hair cleanliness and likes her blow dry to last two days (or longer), consider buying her a can of this awesome stuff.

5. Baby washing detergent

Every new mom needs to deal with epic mountains of laundry! There’s loads of clothing, napkins, cloth diaper, bibs and double stroller covers, and more. New mums have to deal with washing clothes and concerned about which detergent to use in washer and dryer for her little one’s laundry, you should be aware of that consider buying her baby washing detergent.

6. Bigger baby clothes, in the correct season for optimal wear

You know why they’re called “0000″ and “000″ sizes? Because when you pick up 0ne of those mini little outfits, your instinct is to say “oooohhhh, ooohhh how cute!”. If you don’t say it, I know you think it!

But wait a sec. Skip straight past those little garments that make your ovaries want to burst into dance. Look behind them, to the back of the rack, to the bigger sizes. You see, everyone’s going to give your glowing girlfriend newborn-sized clothing.

Then when her baby’s three months old, she’ll look at him packed into his last remaining fitting Bonds singlet, bursting at the seams, and exclaim with less enthusiasm than your Nana at a Katy Perry concert: “I’ll have to go to the shops”. (This is where her dry shampoo will come in handy).

Grab her some 0- and 1- sized clothes and think ahead – will her baby be a 0 (6 months-ish)* or a 1 (12 months-ish)** in summer or winter?

*I’d also leave the tags attached because, even though I’ve had three babies in the past five years, I still can’t quite get my head around the variations in clothing sizes between brands. This way she can exchange for the correct size if her baby won’t fit what you’ve bought.

** Also some of us have really large babies. Leave the tags on and you’ll make her day!

Now brace yourself: There’s shopping, wrapping, gushing over the belly, birth-weight-guessing, and cake-eating to be done!

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