Having an elder sister is like having someone by your side always. Your elder sister might drive you crazy at times but she is the one who pampers you the most. Isn’t it? In fact, she is the source of your inspiration who always keeps you enlightened with her guidance. Your sister is your greatest strength of support and thus, you should celebrate her in your life. But, have you ever expressed your love for her? If not, then on the upcoming occasion of Raksha Bandhan, make her feel valued with the best rakhi gift ideas for sister. But before that, you owe her a thank you and here are why:

For Always Supporting You

Every time you needed a shoulder to cry on, your sister was always with you. Be it when you had your first breakup or when you scored less in your exams or whenever you felt low, she always supported you and made you feel better with her love and care. So, thank her for always supporting you and for loving you unconditionally.

For Helping with Your Homework

Remember how as a child you used to run to your elder sister and ask her to assist you with your homework? She never said no to you except for sometimes that too because she didn’t want you to lag behind from others. Wasn’t that so sweet of your sister? Also, remember how she used to help with your studies during your exams? Perhaps, she is the best teacher you ever had.

For always Taking Stands

There must have been some situations in your life when you have been bullied or just falsely accused by someone. Right? All those times when no one else raised a voice for you, your sister took stands for you. That’s how a sister is. No matter how much you fight with each other, she will be always there for you whenever you need her.

For Always Being Your Confidant

A sister is irreplaceable. There is nobody else in this world who can understand you better other than your elder sister. Right from the childhood, she kept all your secrets unveiled and proved that she is your loyal friend. Be it those Friday nights when you were not in the house or those days when you bunked your school, she never revealed these secrets to anyone.

For Being Your Cheerleader Always

Whether it was when you were tensed about your board exams or your first job interview, your elder sister was always there to cheer you up. She always helped you to overcome a bad situation with her positive outlook towards life. And, remember when you got your first job, she was the one to be the most happy person.

For Always Being A Phone Call Away

After your high school studies, when you relocated to a new city and you felt empty because you had none to talk with, she was the one who was always a phone call from you. Whenever you were sick or were in a problem, she came running to you and saved you always.

So, make sure to thank you elder sister and tell that you love her for always being there for you.

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