Organizing a party and enjoying the readymade party are two poles apart. Who doesn’t want to rejoice at a beautiful bash thrown by your colleague or close friend? But it is not easy to organize the whole event on your own and make decision of selecting a perfect local pub that has got it all. At the time of event hosting, choosing a suitable venue is the most exhausting exercise that needs your solid consideration of all critical factors such as budget, number of guests, capacity, services and available facilities.Hiring an event manager would be another option; however, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the whole party idea, it is better to find some healthy tips that will make your job of locating the best pubs easy. All you need is a reliable information and handy research that will bring you close to the most happening place in town. If you still have not settled for any particular venue, the following tips may aid a little in making a firm decision.

  1. Is bartender friendly and flexible?

Bartender is the cynosure of the whole night you will spend at your favorite pub since he is the one who will serve custom cocktails, martini, gins, wine or champagne depending on the kind of theme your bash follows and the demands of your happy guests. Best pubs are known for their drink services. Therefore, it is essential that bartender must attend the customers in nicest possible ways, and if he got some skills to impress the crowd with some original tricks and unique charm, it will add more fun to the whole revelry. Inquire after how flexible and spirited the bartender is in his act of filling the glass of happy pub goers. After all, you are there to have good times with your friends.

  1. Do they have stories to tell?

No matter what it is – pub, bar, restaurant, motel – every place of recreation has its own story to tell. Ask the pub owner if they can spill some beans about the history of their best pubs. You can organize it in form of a big surprise, so that when guests arrive in the hope of getting the vibrant treatment and colorful beginning, the pub staff knows how to keep them engaged and amused throughout the night. No matter how old-fashioned the stories might sound, people are always looking for pleasant snatches and jolly good times! Stories bring the place alive and make pubs the best pubs.


  1. The cost influencers

The total cost of hosting a party at a great pub includes the breakdowns of food, service, beverages and entertainment. Also there are unique factors that put a larger impact on how much you will need to spend for a bash at best pubs. Seasonal time of the year, or even specific days of the week, and the theme of the party are a few negotiating factors you need to exercise before you jump to a conclusive decision about the final price.

  1. Amenities and ambience

Vibes the place has can add thrill and cheers to the crowds gathered there to indulge in a party. Before you begin your search for the best pubs in town, make a checklist of what kind of facilities and ambience you are expecting. If you have planned to regale your guests with delicious food, you must select the pub with partnered catering facilities or a pub with their own kitchen. Creating a delightful ambience that enhances the mood of attendees matter the most. So choose a venue with modern audio-visual equipment, some guests might want to leave behind the best karaoke performance in high-spirit.

  1. Services potential

If a venue has full-service potential that includes setup and cleaning crew, you have found happiness! Additionally, venue having tables, chairs and linen of your choice, it can save you great deal of money and effort since you don’t have to seek a special vendor for this services. Speaking about services, the staff of those best pubs must be skilled enough to serve the needs of the attendees and prepare drinks swiftly considering their personal taste and value.

  1. Capacity of the floor

Can that pub accommodate the number of attendees for the event? Make sure the pub floor or the entrance hall area must have capacity to welcome them all comfortably. For this you need to predict the total number of guests who are going to fill the floor. If the list amounts to 500 people, it will be a congested idea to stuff them all in a room with just a 250-person’s capacity. Choose the pub that is capacious and have good spare space to stand and loiter about.

We hope the above mentioned points will help you to organize an amazing party at pub and you have good time with your friends

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