When you are in a loving relationship, it can be easy to start thinking about the future. After all, getting married is an exciting time as you get to spend time the rest of your life with your loved one. But before you start hinting to your other half about getting hitched, here are six ways you can tell that it’s time to tie the knot.

You are in a long-term relationship

Although some short-term relationships can last, it’s always ideal to be together for at least a year before getting engaged. It gives you time to spend time as a couple and decide whether or not you are meant to be. If you rush into marriage, you could regret it after a couple of months and end up getting divorced. Just look at The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, who dated her beau for three months before getting married. It ended barely a year and a half later. You should spend at least a year going on dates and holidays before you can tell if he’s the one. If you are in a long-term relationship, then you might want to hint to him about taking the next step.

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You are happy to settle down

Another way you can tell that you’re ready to get married is that you are happy to settle down. Life can change when you get hitched as you will need to think about your husband as well as yourself. You are likely to have fewer nights out with your friends and might even have to move away to live with him. You will have to both spend equal time with each other’s families. It can be hard if you usually just visit your parents on your own. You should consider whether you are happy to do this. You need also to decide if you are ready to be with just one person for the rest of your life. You won’t be able to go out with other guys. If you can’t imagine spending your life with him, then you are not ready to marry your man.

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You have enough funds for a wedding

Weddings are very expensive. You need to consider whether you have sufficient funds to pay for a wedding. As well as buying a beautiful wedding dress and finding a venue, you need to pay for other essentials. You should consider who you would have for your big day and have a look at the costs of things. For example, you could visit Pure invitation for personalised wedding invitations to see if you could afford invites. If you are both not earning enough money, you might not be able to afford to get hitched. Therefore, it might be best to wait a while before you start hinting about getting married!

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You are prepared for the stress

As well as being expensive, weddings can be stressful and take up a lot of your time. There is so much to sort and plan that it can be overwhelming. To know it’s time to tie the knot, you should consider if you have the time in your life to sort this. If you are going through stuff in your personal or work life, you might not be able to spend time sorting your wedding.

You have lived together

Another way to know it’s time to tie the knot is if you have lived with your partner for a while. Of course, people used to get married before living together and had very happy marriages. But sometimes, it can be a good way to see what a person is really like. If you have seen them just for dates, you may not have seen them in a bad mood. Living together will give you a good insight into whether you could live with them all the time, and whether or not you could be with them forever.

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There’s more to the relationship than just lust

At the start of the relationship, there’s bound to be a lot of chemistry between you both. But as a relationship grows, there needs to be a friendship as well. If it’s just lust, then it will not last once you have been together a little while. After all, you need to be able to spend time together talking; not just in the bedroom!

Of course, you both should be ready to take the next step. Therefore, if you do think it’s time to tie the knot, you should speak to your partner about how he’s feeling. After all, two people need to make a marriage work.

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