We’ve all been there.

We follow a healthy diet and religiously stick to a regular workout routine, lost some weight, but then eventually gained them back.

We go through the cycle of losing weight then gaining it back that sometimes some of us just throws their hand in frustration and totally say goodbye to the hopes of achieving their ideal weight.

How can we ensure that we continuously lose weight and don’t gain them back?

Follow these 6 helpful ways to lead you on the road to success in the weight management department.

  1. Set realistic goals

When you set a goal for yourself, make sure that it is realistic and achievable.

You can’t aim for losing 100lbs in just a month.

Unrealistic goals can lead to frustrations and disappointments. There is a tendency that you will feel burn out and just give up if you feel that you’ve been working so hard but is not reaching your goals.

Aside from setting realistic goals, rewarding yourself when you’ve reached your goals is also an important key to keeping your weight. You don’t need to buy something fancy for yourself. A simple ice cream treat would do to give you a pat on the back for all the hard work.

  1. Metabolic adaptation

Metabolic adaptation is one of the most favorite topics of fitness coach and enthusiasts.

What is a metabolic adaptation?

Two things happen during weight loss: we aim for a deficit of calories, either by decreasing our food intake or increasing exercise which results in a loss of body mass.

Weight loss may eventually slow down when energy deficit becomes smaller. To avoid this from happening, increase the amount of your exercise or lower down the intake of caloric food.

  1. Follow a consistent diet

Creating a diet plan and sticking to it is an important key not only to losing weight but also in keeping them off.

Stick to foods that are rich in fiber and protein and avoid foods that have higher calories to keep that extra layer of fat off your waistline.

You can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables so make sure you have healthy servings of this food on your plate constantly.

  1. Be active

If your healthy diet is not compounded with an active lifestyle, you won’t be able to keep the weight off after losing them.

There are a lot of ways to live an active lifestyle. Running and walking are the easiest and cheapest form of exercise. To amplify the result, you can use some machines. Look for the best elliptical machines to help you keep off the excess pounds.

Find ways to incorporate some active movement in your daily life. Park a few meters away from your destination and walk the way through. Skip the elevator and use the stairs instead. These simple habits can make you reap greater rewards.

  1. Manage your stress level

Stress does not only affect our mental and emotional state but can also impose a risk of gaining weight.

When we’re stressed and anxious, some of us go on binge-eating to give ourselves a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. This can make you gain back all the weight that you’ve lost.

Learn how to manage your stress level accordingly. Go out for a walk, meditate or simply hang out with loved ones.

  1. Take adequate sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep can cause weight gain?

When you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism gets affected and you are more prone to eating high-calorie food compared to those that get at least 7 hours of shut-eye.

Hit the sack early and make sure that you give your body plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate.

With these effective ways, you don’t have to go through the cycle of losing and gaining weight. Apply these and you will continuously reach your weight goal.

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