In the modern society, there are so many single mothers such that unlike in the past, it is now not a wonder. When it comes to their religious life, single mothers are judged quite harshly by the church. This makes them resent to attend any Christian gatherings; furthermore, we say that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and so, they can still sing hymns and pray at the comfort of their homes.

Single mothers normally raise their children on their own. There are a lot of challenges in raising a child single-handedly from being a toddler to an adult. It takes a lot of sacrifice and effort on the side of the single mother to pull this through perfectly. Without God, most single mothers always think of giving up on their kids when everything comes to a dead end. For those single mothers who trust in God, it is always very pleasing to look back at the good memories that you stored in the baby memory book showing how you raised your kids while trusting in God once they become adults.

The church barely supports single mums, and according to statistics, approximately 67 % of single mothers hardly attend church, and neither do they associate themselves with any denomination. Despite the fact that God intended marriage to be always and forever till death do us apart and that He commands us not to commit adultery, ministering to unwed mothers does not imply that the Church does condone divorces and unwed pregnancies.

There are quite some reasons why single mums need God in their lives. With God in their lives, single mums will not be enslaved to any troubles or circumstances in their lives. In Isaiah 41:10, God tells us that we should never be afraid for He is always with us and He will always help us.

Reasons why Single Mothers Need God

Do you agree that single Mothers need God in their lives? If you don’t, then I believe the following reasons will be able to convince you otherwise. If you are a single mum, please go through the following points very carefully to know why you need God in your life.

  • Single mums need someone whom they can rely on for support and as their sole provider since, in most families, the fathers provide for the family. For instance, single mums believe that God who is our Heavenly Daddy knows their needs as well as those of their children and so He will always provide a means by which they will never run short of necessities.
  • In real life, single mothers do toil daily so that they can take care of their children by instilling them with discipline, making sure that they have their meals on time, making sure that they get to school on time and that they support their children in all their daily activities like games at school or in the hood, debate sessions, and other competitions. Being single, they also have to work hard and smart to make enough money to provide to their children what other children who have both parents have. This causes them to fatigue, and they never have time to even take care of themselves. In the book of Acts 10:34, God says that He treats everyone on the same basis and so He will take care of the single mums despite the fatigue, he will always be their companion as they undertake all their work daily. He offers physical rest as well as soul rest.
  • Due to the judgmental nature of people in the church, the society and family, which should be the most supportive to single mums, this causes them to worry so much, and it leads them to seclusion. God accepts all of us just the way we are. In the Scriptures, Psalms 103:12, God says that as far as East is from the West, that is how far does He will remove our sins from us. Single mums need assurance that God is on their side and that they are not regarded as evil in God’s eyes. Despite what people’s view is, their say does not really matter. God’s viewpoint does truly matter.
  • In God’s presence, we find peace. Single mothers do experience very many difficulties in life. Once they tell their needs and problems to God, He will always give them peace. In Philippians 4:6-7, God tells us to always ask Him for what we need and to always have a heart full of gratitude and his peace will keep our minds and hearts safe as we will be united with Christ.
  • Accepting God in our lives marks a new chapter in our lives. Same case to single mothers, with God in their lives their identity is in Him, and they are not defined by the circumstances which led them to bring up their children without a father. In the book of 2nd Corinthians 5:17, God tells us that all who are joined to Christ becomes a new being.
  • From the scriptures, in Hebrews 10:14, God gives us reassurance that with one sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, He has made perfect for those who are purified from sin. God accepts us all on that basis, and so single mums need not look down upon themselves.
  • God makes a promise to be with us through our struggles. He also vows to use our troubles for good such that He will show his hand at work when we emerge from our tribulations successfully. Single parenting is quite a difficult task, and God walks single mothers through it all, and He grants them sufficient grace, and they surely do emerge victoriously. In Isaiah 43:2, God makes a promise that He will be with us even when we pass through deep waters and that no troubles will overwhelm us.


With Christ in our lives, we become new beings. Despite the circumstances that led to you becoming a single mother or the judgment you face, move on with life and do not let all that pull you down to the point of you not reaching your potential in achieving your goals. Always remember, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” As a single mother, if you believe in God then that will surely be the end of your earthly problems. Trust me; you need God in your life.


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