There are days when we get up in the mornings and, for a few minutes, we envision the day as we’d like it to go. Get up early, arrive in time for work, eat healthy, go to the gym in the afternoons and play with our dog in the evenings. Usually, reality is a whole lot different than what we imagine. We actually get up late, miss the bus, pick some fast food along the way, go for drinks after hours and arrive home late without any bit of energy left.

Taking care of yourself isn’t just recommended, but it should be a priority for you. Each choice we make reflects on our health, so if you’re not going to respect your body and make the right choices, who will?

Here are seven things that are beneficial and manageable to do even for the laziest people out there!

1. Move your workouts early in the morning

Even if you’re not an early bird, getting up and doing 15 minutes of exercise in the morning is a lot easier than postponing them for the afternoons.

Consider that when you just woke up, your body is well rested and in need of some stretching after 8 hours of sleep.

A 15-minute workout will get your heart pumping faster, and your lungs will expand, so all your body will receive more oxygen. This trick could even replace your cup of coffee.

Also, once you start exercising, endorphins will be released which will reduce muscle pains due to physical effort and make you feel better. Their effect on the brain is substantial, so the higher the endorphins level is, the faster you’ll get a sense of well-being. If you feel that you lack motivation to exercise, take a look at ‘how to motivate yourself to work out’.

2. Walk instead of taking the bus

Sometimes, our busy schedule won’t allow us much time to exercise, so at least we could insert some walking into our daily routine.

Walking will burn calories and stretch our muscles, which will help the body get in shape and thus, keep us healthy. Also, walking is a great alternative for running, so if you don’t like to exhaust yourself on a treadmill, replace your means of transportation with walking.

If this would take you too much time, try riding your bicycle to work or even take the rollerblades.

3. Meditate for a clearer mind

Meditation has the ability to give us perspective. Taking a few minutes a day to envision ourselves how we want to be, will also help us find the solution for getting there.

The brain needs a push in the right direction, but in a jumble of daily activities, we forget to think about our personal needs and the way to improve our lives.

First, start thinking about what you like about yourself and find at least three things. Then proceed to analyze the areas of your life that are in need of some changes. Meditation doesn’t rely only on positive thinking, but on your capacity to acknowledge what goes well in your life and what requires a change.

4. Replace candies with fresh fruits

More than one-third of people fight with obesity every year. Almost 75% of men are overweight or already considered obese. The numbers rise every year, so start by taking care of yourself now, to reduce the risk of dealing with health problems in the future.

The easiest way to do that is by avoiding fast foods altogether. Fried foods, processed snacks, and sugary sodas will only “help” you put some pounds on, without providing your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Replace your sweets with fruits and eat as many as you’d like. They’ll stop the cravings for something sweet due to containing fructose, and they will also help you lose weight.

5. Reduce calories by choosing to boil the food

Another way to reduce calorie intake is by simply switching your method of cooking. Basically, everything that can be fried can also be boiled. If you’re not yet ready to subscribe to a proper diet, reduce fats by boiling the meats and vegetables.

Cholesterol levels are highly dangerous for both your heart and your cardiovascular system, so adopt a new way of preparing food.

Grilling is also a healthy and tasty alternative. Put all your favorite foods on the grill and enjoy a nice barbecue.

6. Stay out in the sun for a few minutes a day

A couple of minutes of sunbathing per day will do wonders to your skin and your health. Take a walk in the park or read a book on a bench. 15 minutes in the sun will boost your vitamin D levels and help your bones be stronger and thus, less susceptible to fractures.

Sun rays will cheer you up and prevent depression due to increasing serotonin levels. This substance is responsible for a balanced state of mind, and that’s why it’s also called “the happy hormone.”

Even during the cold season, natural light will act as an energy boost for our organism. If you have fair skin, use sunscreen to protect yourself from damaging rays.

7. Volunteer and help others

There are numerous organizations out there that are in need of volunteers, so pick one that involves manual labor and get to work. Staying outdoors, planting trees or taking care of animals will help you burn calories and get in shape faster.

There are times when we are willing to help others more than ourselves. Combining volunteering with self-care will benefit a cause, as well as your health.

Moving around, lifting things and socializing with others will have a beneficial effect on your brain as well.

The fact that people need your help will certainly make you get out of bed in the mornings. Also, seeing the positive impact that your actions have will boost your self-esteem

Deciding to make a change in your life is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, so pick at least one of the options above and choose a happier life!

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