With spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to ditch your car and switch to a bike. Besides being eco-conscious the best part of taking up cycling (to everywhere) is that you are actually improving your health while you are getting in shape. It is perfect for people of all ages, especially seniors since it is a low-impact sport that increases cardiovascular health, improves joint mobility and gives you a great muscle workout.

Cheap and eco-friendly alternative

Having a car nowadays has simply become too expensive – you have to pay for registration, services, insurance, petrol, and parking if you are lucky enough to find a spot in the first place. Lately, I have become aware of the big problem (that is just going to get bigger) in populous cities, something that has drastically changed over the past few years and that is the lack of parking space. Well, you won’t be having any of those problems if you start cycling instead of driving. You can check out 10Machines recumbent bike reviews if you’re considering buying you’re own bike.

You can make a change

People don’t seem to realize the problem of pollution even though many pro-environment campaigns are trying really hard to raise awareness of this silent killer. Most of them believe that their actions don’t make a difference but they couldn’t be more wrong – you can make a change! Help the environment, go green, ditch the car and hop on your bike to save the planet and keep it healthy and clean for future generations. If only every third or even tenth person starts cycling instead of driving the world would be much cleaner and healthier.

After realizing all of the above, cycling to work and everywhere else seems like the most logical thing ever. If you are on your bike, you don’t have to worry about parking space, spending too much money on maintenance and you are helping to keep the environment healthy.

Low-impact pro-health workout

Cycling daily, even for a short period of time like half an hour or so, can help reduce the risks of developing various cardiovascular diseases. Choosing cycling will help you increase your stamina and endurance levels while keeping you strong. You can set your own pace, choose intense cycling if you want to or simply do it at a very low intensity. You can choose a special trekking bike for the intense cycling or mountain paths or a city bike if you just want to bike around town. Simply look for bicycle stores around you to consult with the experts in the field and choose the right bike for your needs.

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Cycling improves mental well-being

Not only that it will help improve your health but also it will reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while you will be doing a fantastic low-impact workout. Studies have shown that practicing this type of low-impact sport reduces mental health conditions due to the effects of the exercise itself combined with the enjoyment of cycling. You will be able to clear your head and sort out your thoughts so that you can become calmer especially if you are dealing with stressful situations at work. You won’t even notice you are exercising because you will have so much fun and enjoy the fresh air and spending time outdoors.

Enjoy the ride through the beautiful scenery

Speaking of outdoors another benefit of cycling is creating your own adventure and enjoying the view.  There is so much beauty around you that gets overlooked because of the busy lifestyles we are leading, and it is about time to stop and actually enjoy the beauty around us. You can choose unexplored paths of your city and create a sightseeing adventure you can share with your friends or family members. Find a perfect bike route for you, bring a camera and enjoy with all your senses!

Less stress for better sleep

Riding a bike daily can actually help you get a better night’s sleep. A study from the Standard University School of Medicine has shown that the circadian rhythm is able to sync easier with outdoor exercises and therefore you will have a better, deeper night’s sleep because stress hormones that are influencing your sleep are reduced with 20-30 minutes of daily cycling.

Improve your sex life with daily cycling

The fact is that having sex is good for your overall health and can prolong your life.  If you are wondering about the correlation between sex and cycling, well, the secret to having a great sex life actually lies in riding your bike. Cycling helps build up essential muscle groups that are used during intercourse. The better developed these muscles are, the better the sex will be… and the better the sex the happier you are and longer you will live!

These reasons show that biking truly is the best activity since it is actually a time-efficient low-impact workout that is easy to fit into your daily routine (riding to the shops, work, school, etc.) while enjoying the outdoors and helping the environment. So, what are you waiting for – it is the perfect time to replace your car!

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