An anniversary is a special time to celebrate two people’s love for each other. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary with a special someone or a friend or family member commemorating a couple’s relationship, giving the right gift can help make the anniversary one to remember.  If you are looking for anniversary gift ideas, consider the following seven thoughtful gifts for inspiration. The top anniversary gift options include sentimental sheet music decor, high-quality kitchen appliances and a food box subscription. 

1. Meaningful Photograph and Frame

An excellent way to celebrate an anniversary is to give a thoughtful photograph in a unique picture frame. You can opt for a traditional picture of the couple on their wedding day, placed in a gorgeous frame that matches their home decor. Alternatively, you can use an image of the couple at the beginning of their relationship. Consider decorating the frame with a quote about love or an excerpt of the couple’s wedding vows. For a romantic gift for your significant other, you could also find a black and white photograph or an art print of a city or meaningful location. For example, if you went to New Orleans on your honeymoon, give a black and white shot of Bourbon Street in an elegant frame to hang in your home.

2. A Couple’s Journal

Consider giving a guided couple’s journal for couples that enjoy long conversations and a deep intellectual connection. Guided couple’s journals are created to help the couple explore their relationship and learn more about each other. They may contain prompts that ask the couple to write about how they met, what each person loves about the other, how they show their love and many other questions that deepen their relationship. Guided journals are ideal for younger couples who are still getting to know each other. However, they can also make a pleasant surprise for couples who have been together for several years, allowing them to relive their best memories. If you and your partner love to get nostalgic, going through the journal together allows you to open up and discover new things about each other for a deeper connection.

3. Sheet Music Decor

Organizing and funding a couple’s camping trip can provide the couple with a night or two of quiet closeness. It allows them to spend quality time with each other away from their ordinary routine. If you are one-half of the couple hoping to surprise your partner, choose a camping trip at home or your favorite romantic spot. You can clear an area in your home, get a babysitter for the kids and set up a tent in your living room or backyard to set the mood. If you have a fireplace, start a roaring fire and get your s’mores supplies for a romantic evening.

If you prefer outside camping, pack a tent and a picnic and set up camp in a safe camping area near your home or a meaningful location to you and your spouse. Plan a romantic sunset hike, or bring a bottle of wine and a playlist of your favorite songs to enjoy each other’s company under the stars.

4. Food Box Subscription

A food box subscription is the ideal anniversary gift for couples who enjoy cooking together. Most food box subscriptions provide a discount to first-time users, so shop around to find the option that works for the couple’s tastes and budget. Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon and Blue Apron are a few food box subscription options. If you and your partner have recently renovated your kitchen with an elegant kitchen appliance package, a food box subscription allows you to use your new appliances to create healthy, exciting dishes together.

5. Sheet Music Decor

Sheet music decor is an elegant, thoughtful gift you can give a couple for their anniversary. To create sheet music art for your partner or a special couple, find the sheet music for their favorite song online. Consider looking for the sheet music for:

  • Their wedding song
  • A song from their favorite movie
  • A song that you think represents their relationship
  • A song about a particular place they’ve been
  • Romantic music they enjoy

Once you find the sheet music, place it in a DIY frame. You can accent the sheet music with other elements like paper hearts, a picture or elegant trim or paint. Sheet music decor is a unique way to celebrate the couple and their love.

6. Top-Quality Kitchen Appliances

For practical couples, consider giving top-quality kitchen Zline appliances for their kitchen. Kitchen appliances are an excellent option for parents who want to celebrate their child’s first wedding anniversary or for a couple remodeling their kitchen or building their first home. Kitchen appliances are also a practical anniversary gift for couples who have been together a long time and prefer functional home equipment over sentimental items. Like the couple’s relationship, a helpful kitchen appliance lasts decades, making it an excellent anniversary gift for any couple.

7. Class Membership or Trial

A class membership or trial is an ideal anniversary gift for all types of couples. Couples who are celebrating their first anniversary can gain new experiences together. They can also find out more about each other and how each reacts in new situations in a class that is out of their comfort zone.

If you have been together with your spouse for several years, giving yourself and your partner membership to a new class or activity can inject a new sense of energy and discovery into the relationship. It can liven up stagnant routines and bring a fresh perspective about each other.

Whether you are a friend, family member or part of the couple itself, look for a class that uses teamwork and creativity as your anniversary gift. Possible class ideas are:

  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Pottery
  • Painting
  • Writing

Celebrate Anniversaries with Meaningful, Practical Gifts

Celebrating an anniversary is a sentimental experience. To honor the time you’ve spent together as a couple, take the time to find the perfect gift that speaks to your partner’s experiences and sensibilities. If you are buying for a couple celebrating their anniversary, select a thoughtful or practical gift that they can use together to develop a stronger, deeper bond.

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