The problem with wedding websites, magazines, and blogs is that the writers often assume that you want to plan a wedding that reflects the popular style of the time. That’s why many of those articles are titled “The Top Wedding Trends of 2019!” or “Wedding Trends that are Out!”. While these articles may be helpful for 95 percent of brides and grooms, there are some who care little about current trends. Here are tips for making your wedding fit your personality.

The Venue

Your choice of venue is probably the most significant statement that you can regarding your wedding’s personality. People get hitched while jumping out of planes, on roller coasters, in Dracula’s castle, in caves, in donut shops, and the hotel from the Shining. Perhaps your venue choice may not be as extreme. Maybe you want to kill two birds with one stone and schedule your wedding at a destination that’s always been on your list of places to go with your family. Don’t feel the pressure of picking an exotic location. Some of the sweetest weddings with the most personality are held in small, country churches. Don’t overlook these gems. 


Even though we all grew up chanting that a bride should be “dressed in white,” this is advice that should be ignored. After all, the rest of the rhyme indicates that the groom should be as “skinny as a broom.” That doesn’t even sound like a healthy body type.

The clothing that you and your partner wear could be statement pieces for your wedding. Potterheads can get married in wizard robes. Hunters can get married in camo. People get married in clothing reflecting their favorite sports teams. You can find a quiz online that helps you choose your wedding dress based on your zodiac sign. Ask your close friends and family members what style of clothing best suits your personality. Don’t be bullied into wearing a puffy, white dress unless that really suits you.

The Food

Since so many millennials are getting married now, it’s not a surprise that the wedding budgets for food have increased. Millennials are a “foodie” generation. The food you pick for your wedding can certainly reflect your personality. Those who purchase their daily food from local, organic sources may choose to do the same for their receptions. Vegans may want to show others how tasty a meal can be without meat and dairy. On the other hand, couples who enjoy street food can hire food trucks for their guests. Those who love fair food can give their guests deep-fried Twinkies, or other unusual delicacies often served on a stick.  

The Music

For some, music at a wedding ceremony or reception is an afterthought. For other couples, as soon as the engagement is set, the music discussion begins. In weddings of the past, popular music was absent from the wedding ceremony, and brides went down the aisle to three or four different classical tunes. Now brides use popular music throughout the entire service. Your music choices may be an integral part of your personality. Let your personality shine through by choosing something unique for your wedding. 

The Flowers

Sure, your choice of flowers can reflect your personality because flowers have their own character. The Victorians even believed that flowers had their own language and communicated with others by gifting certain flowers and plants to others in their lives. If you and your partner are particularly woodsy people, and you enjoy camping and hiking, you may want to choose wildflowers or pinecones that come from your favorite area to decorate. If you and your betrothed have a fun, vibrant personality, your flowers can reflect this.

Your Attendants

Of course, it is very common for brides and grooms to have their friends stand up with them during the ceremony. You may choose other vital people in your lives to honor with this distinction. If you don’t have any young girls in your family to act as the flower girl, ask your grandma. If your dad is your best friend, choose him to be your best man. If you have a lot of children in your extended family, give them all a job during the ceremony. Use Rover as the ring bearer.

The Vows

One of the best ways to show off your personality during the ceremony is for you and your partner to write your own vows. Not only is this touching to hear for those attending the wedding, but it also forces you to focus on what all the hubbub is genuinely about – your love for each other.

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