For every parent, you always want the best things for your precious child. However, sleeping time seems to be one of the toughest period that you need to deal with your baby daily. To help all of those who are struggling, today, I am going to show you some tips on how we are able to get the babies to sleep on a schedule and all throughout the night. Firstly, you need to know that all kids are different, so that these methods may or may not work for you. However, you have to get it a try and then, you can see the surprising results after all.

During my pregnancy, I have read a number of training books and I am so thankful to seek for many effective ways to help my son sleep through the night. To be honest, I know that many women are struggling a lot since they cannot find out the proper method for their precious baby. As a result, I am willing to share a total of 7 tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the day.

Try A Dream Feed

When talking about a dream feed, you can understand this term as feeding your child right before you go to bed. In particular, when your baby is totally asleep, you will pick them up, feed them and then put them back down. During this process, your babies will not open their eyes for the whole time. In addition, dream feeding is recommended for kids who are 16 weeks or younger and you need to know the right ways to do this. Otherwise, you will mess up everything.

For newborn baby, you are highly recommended to feed them every two and a half hours and not more frequently than this basis. And eventually, you can stretch this to 4 hours. Moreover, during this process, make sure to let your child eat as much as they want for night feeding.

With new parents, you are always exhausted and irritated, but you will be absolutely comforted to hear about the dream feed. Only by giving them a bottle, can your baby sleep longer through the night and also, you will get to sleep longer through the night. However, this method is considered as a short-term solution but there are some long term consequences. In case your baby wakes up at an instant during the dream feed, this action can become a routine for them to wake up at that time.

As a result, you need to be cautious when doing a dream feed for your babies. On the other hand, you can have a look at other tips and make your own choice after that.

Avoid making eye contact

I do not know about this at the beginning, so that I find it useful to share this tip with all of you. Before, the sleeping time, if your baby may show some signs of fatigue, hence, make sure that you will not make eye contact with them too continuously since your energy and your look may make them distracting and then wake them up.

This tip is extremely easy but not many people know it. As a consequence, remember my advice and your baby will be able to fully relax and fall asleep.

Cleaning baby’s sleep environment

Going to the next point, allowing your baby to sleep in a clean and safe place is a very important thing that you need to notice. As a result, make sure to regularly clean their crib in order to protect their health as well as make their sleep better. Moreover, you need to change your baby’s diapers when they pee or poop because using clean diapers also help to create a good sleep environment for your baby.

Thus, I suggest that you should use the cloth diapers for your children instead of disposable ones due to many reasons. Firstly, they are extremely absorbent, clean, well-designed and easy to use. You can wash them at home and ensure that your child’s diapers are completely clean.

Many parents do not realize that the disposable diapers include a number of nasty chemicals, which can cause many problems such as toxic shock syndrome. Therefore, why don’t you use cloth diapers to take better care of your beloved child?

Put your baby down to sleep drowsy but awake

With the word “sleep drowsy but awake”, many people may feel confused about the meaning together with the influence on the baby’s sleep. Firstly, you need to know that bedtime is regarded as the easiest time to train your baby how to go to sleep themselves. Otherwise, they will find it super difficult to sleep in the middle of the night.

As a result, you should put your baby down to sleep drowsy but awake, which means that they are in the state of relaxation and when you put them down, they can learn how to sleep on their own. This process is called as the beginning stage for your sleeping training. However, at first, your baby may cry out loud, crawl and move around without sleeping, you have to be consistent with this method since it is really helpful for the development of your child.

Apply a bedtime routine

By applying a bedtime routine for your children, they can get used to their sleeping time. Thus, they will quickly fall asleep without your force. Nevertheless, this routine is quite hard to form and you need to stay patient day by day. I used to go through this period and if you like, I will share my experience with you.

Firstly, you need to get a nice bubble bath for your baby in order to give them a peace and quiet time. After 15 and 20 minutes, you can take them out and give them a nice massage. Then, you should schedule the time to get them to sleep and follow this routine every day. By doing this, you can form a good routine for your baby and allow yourself to rest comfortably until the next day.

Use a pre-nap and bedtime routines

Again, establishing a routine for your baby is a wise decision. You need to create this habit for them during the day and night, so that the baby can have enough energy for the day. Moreover, they can fall asleep super easy if you decrease all of the stimulations such as lights and noise. Furthermore, you can read books and lullaby to make them go to sleep smoothly.

Use white noise

Last but not least, the purpose of white noise is to condition the stimulating sounds coming from outside of your child’s bedroom window or door. These factors will arouse your children and make them awake. Therefore, I recommend that you should buy a white noise machine for your child in order to offer them a good sleep.

However, you need to place the white noise machine far away from your baby when using it. Thanks to your care, your baby will have a good night without being interrupted.


In conclusion, I wish that my sharing can teach you some tips that can help your baby to have a good night’s sleep. However, in case you are in need of any advice or discussion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.


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