How to get a baby to sleep quickly and sleep well is always an obsession of all new parents. Do not understand about the baby’s sleep causes new parents make mistakes. In the long run, bad habits will make it harder for your baby to sleep.

Let’s check if you have any of the eight most common mistakes of baby sleep below and find out solutions.

8 Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make

1.    Have your child stay up late

You want to play with your baby a little longer before going to bed because your day is too busy. But staying up late makes children tired, irritated and refuse to go to sleep. Parents need to set up a timetable and allocate adequate sleep time for babies.  8 Baby Sleep Mistakes That New Parents Always Make


The best way to sleep is to let them rest, reduce all activities and reduce the light. You also need to watch for signs that your child is tired, such as rubbing his eyes.

2.    Make distractions before bedtime

Many people believe that putting the phone, bedside lamp, soft music or toys, teddy next to the baby will help her/him sleep better but in fact, the baby will be distracted because they want to play with them instead of sleeping.

All these distractions should be removed so that the child is not distracted. Also, you should also turn off the TV, because the waves from these devices will interrupt the sleep cycle and affect sleep quality.

3.    Skip sequence in timetable

Parents should set the timetable that best suits their activities and maintain it, not to skip any steps as this may cause the child to sleep wrong hours, which can interfere with sleep habits of the child. For example, if she has a habit of bathing in warm water or reading stories, singing lullaby before bed, it should be kept fixed.

4.    Change sleep time

Children also like consistency like adults, so setting up and keeping your baby on a schedule is essential, especially for sleep. You need to set daily sleep hours in detail. This will indirectly inform the child that it’s time to rest and that the baby’s body will work according to that schedule.


5.    Hold your baby as soon as he/she cries at night

Whenever a child cries at night, parents will think that they need to wake up and feed their baby, check diapers … but this action will give the baby the habit of being comforted to sleep again.

Just like adults, children may wake up several times a night; however, they do not know how to put themselves back to sleep, and they must learn it gradually. When your baby starts to cry at night, let him/her have a few minutes to calm down his/herself, not to rush to hold the baby. After a few days, the child will sleep on her/his own without the help of parents.

6.    Shaking / Jiggling your baby

You can sing your baby to relax before bedtime but do not lull your children by shaking them. This will make it a habit for the child to depend on it to sleep. That means the baby also needs to be shaken to sleep if they suddenly awake at night.

Try not to comfort your child to sleep by rocking or walking; it’s just a way of reassuring a child, not giving him or her a good sleep.

7.    Combine sleep with meals

During the first few months, it is normal for a baby to sleep while breastfeeding, but as soon as the baby begins to develop the digestive system, it takes time after eating to digest. Parents need to feed the baby at least 1 hour before bedtime to ensure he or she is full until morning. Feeding your baby at bedtime can help your baby fall asleep more easily, but this can pose some risks.

8 Baby Sleep Mistakes That New Parents Always Make


8.    Move baby’s bed, bedroom

Your baby’s bed should be placed in a fixed position and should not change the bedroom of the baby. If the bed or bedroom is changed position, the child will tend to be attracted by the new position and have trouble sleeping. If your baby sleeps in the bassinet from the very beginning, then it is best to let him/her sleep there because it has become part of the baby’s sleep routine until he grows up and has a new bed.


Some parents believe that baby’s sleeping habits will change based on parents’ sleeping habits, so the baby usually stays up late or loses sleep. This is not true. If you spend a lot of time and effort, your child will form good sleep habits.

After reading the post, I hope you can have some helpful solutions to make your child sleep better. If you have any other problem, leave a comment in the box below, and I’ll help. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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