Beef meat is undoubtedly preferred all over the world to get the necessary amount of, one of the most important macro nutrients, protein. The reasons behind the universal popularity of beef are very simple; it is inherently richer in taste if we compare it with chicken and fish meat. Moreover, the protein content of beef meat is also very high, which makes it a part of healthy diet plans and of course not to forget a wide range of scrumptious dishes that can be made by using beef as the base ingredient.

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According to a research data, two-thirds of Australian houses possess a barbecue, which shows the nation’s love for barbecues. Most of the beef that is consumed by the people is in the form of different barbecue recipes. However, in extreme conditions of winter, when it becomes difficult to have a nice outdoor barbecue dinner or brunch, one can try various different tasty and delicious beef recipes that can be consumed in place of barbecued beef. In the time of the year when the weather is extremely cold and unbearable, you can still get your fillings of healthy beef by using these recipes.

A steak served with the side of Fattoush

To get the warmth of mouth watering beef in a cold winter night, steak with the dressing of Levantine bread salad made of Arabic bread with mixed greens and other vegetables is a very suitable option. You can add more effect to the taste of steaks with the use of lemony sumac.

Rosa Di Parma

An Italian Royal Dish, Rosa Di Parma can be made by filling the whole beef fillet with Italian ham and parmesan cheese while covering it with fresh garlic, rosemary, and sage. Roast it according to your acquired taste and then treat yourself to one of the best Italian recipes for winter nights.

Rendang with Rice

Rendang is a beef recipe spurring from the Far East that uses the shin cut of beef, marinated with coconut milk and spices. You can add coconut pieces in the recipe to get the consistency of the sauce according to your taste. It can be served with boiled rice seasoned with turmeric.

Thai Beef Salad

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If you are conscious of your daily calorie intake and want to eat tasty foods, that do not affect your routine, then go with the Thai beef salad as your winter time lunch. The recipe for the salad is also very easy to make, you just have to throw some mixed greens of flank cut steaks by adding spices accordingly.

Mexican Meatball Soup

Also called Albondiga Soup, this Mexican dish is one of the best beef recipes for winter that can be prepared by adding rice and vegetables with perfectly made beef meatballs. In winter nights, serve it with corn tortillas and salsa casera to get the best experience of this continental beef recipe.

Statistical studies suggest that every Australian consumes 57g/day of beef, lamb and pork on average. To make sure that you are having enough consumption of beef in winters, you can take inspiration from the recipes mentioned above.

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