A Weekly Keep Fit Plan

A well laid out plan is the key to long term success; I can help you with the plan, a simple plan that will get you started, but the determination and work are your responsibility. Here I have laid out a weekly plan for you to follow, so, if you are new to exercising, you can repeat it and build upon it as you see fit, or if you visit the gym you can add it to the routines you already do. Always make sure you don’t overdo it, or do something that brings pain to an old injury. Start off slow, with a long-term goal in mind. You can do it!

Day 1


Modified push up. Kneel down with hands flat on the floor at shoulder width.

Bend Elbows 90 degrees and then raise back to start position.


Rest your hands on your shoulders. Squat down pushing buttocks out behind you.

Pause then return to standing position.

If using weights, hold these and rest them on your shoulders.

Side Reach

Lay down on one side, stretch one arm above your head flat on the floor, now lay the other arm on the leg which is on top.

While contracting your abs, reach towards your ankle with your free hand.

Once you have reached your maximum position, pause and then slowly return to the starting position using your abs as resistance.

Day 2

10 – 15 minutes doing an easy jog, use dynamic movements high knees, kicks and reverse run.

30 minutes run (jog)

If you are unable to run or jog for 30 minutes, use the walk/ jog method, run as far as you can and then walk for a rest and then run again. Repeat as often as necessary for 30 minutes.

Day 3

Leg Lift

Stand with your feet at hip width.

With arms outstretched to the sides, slowly lift your leg to the side.

Without touching the floor stretch your raised leg out in front of you.

Chest Fly (use small dumbbells or two similar weighted items)

Lay on back with your arms stretched to your sides.

With a dumbbell (or weighted object) in each hand, raise above you, pause and slowly lower back to ground.

Tricep Dips

Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair.

Place your hands on the edge of the chair, bend your knees 90-degrees in front of you.

Slowly bend your elbows 90-degrees whilst lowering your body, then at the lowest point pause, and then return to the sitting position.

Day 4

Repeat Day 2 running exercise.

Day 5

Pushups 60 seconds.

Squats 60 seconds.

Roll Ups 60 seconds.

Repeat 4 times, rest for 1 minute in between each session.

Day 6

Repeat Day 2 running exercise.

Day 7

Rest Day

So, remember to do this and less (if you are starting out). Then build on it weekly. Even if it is only one extra minute for running, or two extra reps compared to the week before. You can definitely add more, depending on target areas you may want to include for weight loss or strength training purposes. You’ve got this…


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Maria Banfield is a guest blogger and fitness lover. She enjoys contributing to websites that help individuals to grow. She has been a writer for many top websites and loves researching topics. She currently writes for the leading website Fitandheal.com


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