The pH level of any substance dictates its level of acidity; with the most acidic of all at a pH level of 0, while something with a pH level of 14 is very alkaline, the very opposite of an acid. Distilled water has a pH level of 7, as it is neither acidic or alkaline, and while foods and drinks all have a pH value, very acidic substances are best avoided.

Here are some very acidic foods and drinks to avoid if possible.

  • Meat – Animal proteins, namely chicken, turkey, and beef, are considered to be acidic once metabolised. This is due to the very high level of purines found in the DNA that form uric acid. This can turn your blood more acidic and that can cause kidney stones, as well as pain in the joints.
  • Some Dairy Products – Mainly due to a dysfunctional mineral relationship, with high levels of phosphorous, which impedes the absorption of calcium in the lower intestine. Too much acidic foods and drinks can certainly cause tooth decay, and with a top dentist in Robina or in your local area, you should schedule oral examinations on a regular basis to monitor tooth decay.
  • Glutenous Grains – These are difficult to digest and can cause the stomach to produce too much uric acid, while non-glutenous grains are also acidic, yet the level is much lower than glutenous grains. There is also another informative article on acidic foods to avoid, which is recommended reading for all.
  • Eggs – Too many eggs can cause uric acid levels to rise, and if you must consume eggs, go for free-range, as these are higher in nutrients, with fewer antibiotics and hormones.
  • Alcohol – When metabolised, alcohol reduces the amount of alkalising minerals, and excessive amounts can cause an acidic build up in the lower stomach. While wine in small quantities will not cause uric acid to build up, beers and spirits should not be consumed in great amounts.
  • Coffee – Coffee is very acidic as the body has to release a large number of minerals to assist with the metabolism. Coffee is also known to stain your teeth, and if you are a frequent drinker, stick to decaffeinated, as this is less harmful.
  • Refined Sugar – White sugar is very much acid-forming. With too much sugar, the blood pH levels rise. Not only that, sugar kickstarts the bacteria that cause tooth decay, so you should be very careful about how much-refined sugar is in your diet.

Fruits and vegetables are the best foods for higher alkaline levels, and these will help your diet to be balanced by canceling out the acidity found in the above foods and drinks. Fruits and vegetables contain the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to cancel out acidity, so try to eat at least one item of fresh fruit per day.

The Internet is a great source of free information, and should you wish to learn more about foods and drinks to avoid, a Google search is all it takes to find the right information.

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