There’s nothing worse than a bad hair day- waking up and having to battle with the mop on your head is never the best start to the day. We all have bad hair days from time to time, but if yours is a regular occurrence then it’s time to do something about it. Chances are your hair is either in bad condition, or you’ve chosen a colour, cut or style that doesn’t work for you. Here are some of the ways you can improve your locks and boost your self confidence.

Get it in good condition

One of the first things you should aim to do before messing around with your hair, is by getting it into the best condition possible. If you’re fed up of bad hair days and are ready to do something about it, then your first step is to get serious about hair care. Stop dying, bleaching and perming it and challenge yourself to stop using heat. Go to a hairdresser and have them cut away the worst of the damage if your hair is in bad condition. Depending on the condition of your hair, it can take a number of months to start noticing a difference but stick with it, you will be far happier with your hair in the long run. Style it simply during the day, a plait works well as it protects it from damage and you don’t have to heat style. Wash your hair a few times a week maximum, which will prevent you from stripping out the natural oils, always apply a light hair oil or serum after each wash to lock in moisture but without making it greasy. Experiment with heavier oils as conditioning treatments, as well as deep conditioners to help add lustre and strength back to the hair. For most people who are suffering with regular bad hair days, the issue is simply that their hair is damaged and therefore is unruly and unmanageable. Committing a few months to caring for your hair and stopping damaging colouring and styling methods will usually put things right in most cases.

Decide on a colour

Once your hair is in the best condition it can be in, you can start thinking about how you want it to look. Hair colour can change a person’s appearance dramatically, and so if you want a change then this is a great way to go about it. Perhaps you want something low maintenance and don’t want to sit in the hairdressers chair every six weeks- in this case you could return to your natural shade, and have a few highlights and/ or lowlights put in. Ombre and balayage are both great choices for those who want a colour that’s easy to maintain, only the ends are lightened meaning it can grow out nicely without giving you harsh roots. You can find out more about hair colouring techniques and methods by reading this hair color 101 article.  If you’ve worn your hair the same way for many years and want to have a complete change, how about going with a bold colour or even a pastel shade? Whatever you decide, just be sure to have it done by a professional. Start messing with your hair at home and it will become damaged and you just wont get the same finish as you would from a hairdresser. Your hair is a huge part of your identity, why not treat yourself and give it the proper attention it deserves?

Choose a cut and style that suits your face and hair type

As well as the colour, you will need a cut that works for your face shape and hair type. If you have very wavy or curly hair for example, then cutting bangs that you will need to blow dry and straighten each morning probably isn’t going to be the best move. Not to mention, the slightest bit of humidity or getting caught in the rain is going to leave you looking like a poodle! If you have very fine hair that tends to go straggly at the ends, keeping it long might not be the best option. You could consider cutting it a little shorter to make it look thicker, or perhaps adding some extensions from for volume. Either way, the style and length should work well with your face shape, hair texture and even your age. Your hairdresser will be able to recommend something for you with these things in mind, otherwise check out lots of images on places like Pinterest. However don’t just assume that because something looks good on the model it will look good on you, there are lots of factors to bear in mind. So you may need to be flexible.

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