If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or just so happen to be a collector, then looking into the world of antiques is a must. The depth of character that comes with an antique ring adds a layer of mystery that can hardly be found in a modern ring.

There Are Amazing Stones Other Than Diamonds

There are so many types and colours of stones to choose from in the realm of antique rings. A lot of people get caught up on diamonds when looking for an engagement ring and never take the time to explore the wealth of gorgeous stones that exist outside of the mainstream. One great example is Sapphire. This amazing stone has captured the imagination of generations. Shining bright blue in the sunlight, this elegant stone is a show-stopper with a beauty all its own. Keep in mind the fashion of diamond rings really didn’t become prominent until the 1930’s. Pre-dating that there was a plethora of precious stones used in engagement rings, although many were still coupled with diamonds. Surrounding the diamond centre stone with vivid colour in emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other stones gives a unique pizazz to an antique ring.

The Perfect Period Piece

There is no doubt that the Art Deco period holds a special place in the heart of collectors. Technically not considered antique, the 20’s and 30’s are starkly different from engagement rings produced during the industrial revolution. You’ll find a much more delicate touch when looking upon a ring from this era. The attention to detail is second to none in this period.

Be Absolutely Sure You Buy From A Respected Dealer

When you are looking to purchase something such as antique style engagement rings, it’s imperative that you go with a well-known, reputable dealer. You want someone with a proven track record and excellent knowledge of antiques. The value of an antique is in its recorded history, so it won’t do you much good if that history isn’t properly tracked. You can always read the dealers reviews to feel them out.

Just Like The Jewellery, Take Time

There really is no need to rush. Just like the antiques themselves, time is on your side. Of course, if you happen to come across something truly exquisite, a must-have for your collection, then go for it. However, if you have the time to shop around – even if not for the price – then it pays to explore your options before you purchase.

Who knows what you might find in the antique universe if you make the time to take a look. The perfect addition to your collection may be waiting for you right around the corner.

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