People have different preferences like there are people who love shopping at the mall while others are inclined to online shopping. Online shoppers are always bothered by how they can get the delivery they want.

Ikea is one of the leading company in terms of selling furniture and other products but how can you order it online or how can I have it delivered?

Big Swedish store run company gives you simple tips on how to order in IKEA through them:

5 simple ways to order product of IKEA using Big Swedish Store Run:

  1. Visit IKEA website at
  2. Choose your fancied IKEA store and start looking for products you want purchase.
  3. Create a buying list by logging in toward the IKEA Website. Connect to your list by clicking upon “Save to list” as you scan the section for the goods you desire.
  4. After you accomplished the list, send your correct email address together with your name, phone number, and delivery address to our site Big Swedish Store Run.
  5. In terms of paying the products you can simply send your payment through deposit after that you can email us or text your payment confirmation. After that, we could confirm your payment we will send directly your order.

If you don’t have your email you don’t have to worry. Try calling their managers number:

Sarah 0401 880 170 or Luke 0410 407 247 OR Bendigo and Surrounds: Rick 0438 514 676

This is one of the helpful tips that will help you achieve your dream good IKEA delivery service.  Follow this steps and you can use IKEA products the way you wanted it to be. Whether online or not. You can now shop for products easily without hassle.  No need to go to stores, purchasing is just one click away.

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