There is nothing as important as a healthy microbiome and there is a reason why it is emphasized a lot. The perfect balance of bacteria in the ecosystem will have a direct impact on the mental as well as physical well being of an individual. The most important thing you need to do to maintain your microbiome is by eating right. A lot has been spoken about the importance of eating right and understanding the significance of probiotics and organic foods. You need to skip certain foods if you want to build a healthy microbiome and live a healthy life.

1. Sugar

When it comes to the foods that are a culprit for gut bacteria, sugar tops the list. Any food which is high in sugar will upset the balance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria. Healthy foods support good bacteria and foods laden with sugar support the bad bacteria. If the balance between the two is disrupted, you will have digestive issues. Hence, it is best to avoid the sugar cubes and move towards natural sweeteners. In the process of parasite cleansing, sugar is strictly restricted and this causes major cravings at times.

2.   Gluten

Gluten is basically a protein which is found in wheat, rye and barley. It is one food you should stay away from if you want to build a healthy microbiome. It gives a good texture to the food but it can cause microbiome imbalance. If you are gluten sensitive, you will face digestive issues caused due to the foods which are high in gluten. Opt for grain free alternatives.

3.  Dairy Products

If you think dairy products are healthy for you, you are wrong. It can have a negative impact on your microbiomes and if you really want to consume the products, you need to get them from organic sources.

4.   Processed foods

You should avoid processed foods if you want to maintain a healthy microbiome balance in the body. Processed foods and fried foods are not recommended for your health and well being. They help the bad bacteria grow and expand while the good bacteria goes for a toss. You need to make healthy eating choices by substituting the junk food with fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also replace your cooking oil with coconut oil or olive oil.

5.   Red meat

If you love red meat, you need to opt for an organic option. Red meat will bring down the good bacteria inside your body and will increase the number of bad bacteria. There are also chances that you may consume meat of low quality which has a significant impact on your body. You need to purchase organic variants for your microbiome.

Try to avoid these five foods as much as you can so as to improve your microbiome health. If it is difficult for you to stay away from these foods, you can look for substitutes that taste well and is available in an organic form.

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