Battle of the trendy workouts

Though back-to-school season has kicked off (at least for those who are still worried about getting their straight As in line), we still have plenty of time to focus on staying in shape. Sure, the cold weather, the dark and heavy mornings and all the comfort food that comes with the colder days doesn’t make it easy for a workout routine to stick, but hey – with just a little bit of effort, you’ll manage to stay on track. It’s not that you must, though – you’d look gorgeous anyway, but the new season’s gazes towards toned torsos, hug hips and thighs and exposed necklines, so we figure – for that to look great, we all need to invest a little effort into our look.Here are some of our favorite workouts for keeping energy levels up and transitional layers looking good on your figure:

Box Your Stress Out

Get that core toned and have any of the new Fall collection wrap dresses look spectacular on your figure; with a proper intense boxing and interval cardio training regimen, you’ll get your body in an amazing shape. Beloved by models everywhere, boxing doesn’t only prompt stress stabilization but a constant core engagement which leads to toning the muscles of the core and arms. And that’s not all. Legs and hips are engaged too during punching sequences. We love it.  No, we really do.

Climb to Greatness

Ok, definitely not for everyone but a very exciting challenge, for sure. For all of you who are already in an amazing shape, climbing will be an added bonus to your lean physique, and will get those legs sculpted in the process to have any type of slim trousers fit like a glove.
Even though difficult to most, climbing is actually prompting movement patterns innate to the human body; anything that’s upright uses the upper and lower body together, and you end up both lengthening your muscles and burning calories. With regular climbing sessions, your thighs will look and feel very narrow. Just bear in mind that you will need to arm yourself with adequate workout apparel for the adventure. Are you up for it?

Meditate Yourself Happy

There are no downsides to a healthy mind, healthy life and healthy emotions, right? What about a good posture? Yes, none. Well, this fall (and every other season of the year, that is) is your perfect time to start introducing mental changes into your life that come through regular yoga/meditation sessions.

Regular yoga sessions will change your mental and emotional lengths, help you deal with stress and guide you to full body strength in the process; when you hold certain positions for a period of time during the workout and you have a body and mind balance, the effect goes right to the muscles and stability. You can’t escape the burn.


Dance Off to Happiness

Excuse our crude, but your butt will look a-m-a-z-i-n-g if you opt for any of the dance-based workouts.

Designed to give your body a long and lean physique, dance-based exercises incorporate lifting routines and floor work that really work your derriere. What’s also amazing is that these types of workouts not only shape the butt, but they also simultaneously slim down the waist. Someone give J.Lo and Nicole Scherzinger a ring, please!

Oriental is the Word

Don’t be ashamed for wanting to introduce a little bit of oriental seduction in the game! If Shakira, Rihanna, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens can do it, so can you.

One of the most effective workouts there is, belly dancing is your way to a hot body. Not everyone needs to be the type for the elliptical, treadmills or heavy sweating at the gym, and belly dancing is giving you a way out. This ultra-fun workout tightens the hip area, tones the abs and works the waist at the same time. A gentle transition between movements strengthens the body and targets different muscles, leaving you with an eye-popping physique.  We love it!

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