Human relationships can be hard, and more so with those closest to you. Siblings are people that we have in our lives out of no choice of our own. Therefore, we have to learn to love and get along with them. That might not always be easy especially when you have different personalities. If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time getting along with your sibling(s), then consider applying the following tips.

There is however a disclaimer. We equally have to acknowledge that for these to have a chance of working the other is in a healthy space to receive. Sometimes, though painful, we have to love some family members from a distance. If they are toxic, then you’re better off not being friends.

Accept that you’re different

Two people can interestingly live in the same household but turn out very differently. One can decide to become a depression disability lawyer, and the other chooses to be a gambler. It is then essential to understand that there will be a difference that you’ll never understand.

When you do look at it from that perspective, you’re able to be more welcoming of what makes them different. It also removes any judgment that you may have toward them that is perhaps causing friction. It’s not your job to change them. When you show you’re more accepting of them, they’re more likely to take any advice you give about something they need to work on.

Be the bigger person

When you’ve done something to upset your sibling, don’t let the issue simmer. Own that you’ve done wrong and make amends. If they do the same, learn to call them out in kindness and take as much time as you need.

Don’t speak in anger, as you’re likely to say things that you won’t be able to take back. You’re allowed to be angry at them, but don’t let it cause a rift especially if it is something you can both work on if you put your egos aside long enough.

Treat them as you would your other friends

Sometimes, especially when there’s a considerable age difference, people find it hard to relate. It is helpful then to approach your sibling as you could other friends. You do have to tweak it accordingly, but it makes a difference when you make the conscious effort to treat them as you would your circle of friends. You can choose to invite them into your world, so they get a fuller understanding about parts of you that the might not have caught on when you were living under the same roof.

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