Coffee is synonymous with keeping our eyes open when we would much rather take a snooze. Apart from its ability to stimulate us, coffee is also known for its antioxidant properties. Science also states that it can prevent the onset of diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease. For the average person, it is also said to enhance performance and make you smarter. One does, however, require a measure of caution when taking coffee to avoid tossing and turning at night.

What other benefits are there? Something that is beneficial to our health is also something that can become our skincare partner. Though research is still in preliminary stages, here are a few suggested benefits of coffee on the skin. Whether for professional use or want to look good going to a meditation studio, the tips below are worth considering.

Skin cancer prevention and after-sun care

Coffee beans contain trigonelline that once roasted breaks down into niacin. Scientist in the Skin Care Foundation suggests that this compound might prove helpful in preventing skin cancers that are non-melanoma. It is equally thought in order to avoid the growth of maladaptive cells. Coffee also has anti-aging properties that one can use as after-sun care. When sunburned, a gentle scrub or even a mask will act as a soothing treatment.

Useful in acne treatment

The chlorogenic acid (CGA) is known to reduce hyperpigmentation and melanoidins is said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory among other benefits. Both, being found in coffee, work to reduce inflammation and the bacteria causing acne. They coffee exfoliates while at the same time feeding the skin with these beneficial compounds to reduce acne.

Reducing the appearance of cellulite

There is nothing applied on the skin that can remove cellulite. However, one can reduce the appearance of it. Experts suggest that rubbing coffee on the skin dilates the blood vessels close to the surface and thus improving blood flow. It is believed the caffeine content in the coffee has such capabilities. A coffee scrub also acts as an exfoliator, making the skin smooth and giving a much smoother appearance.

Getting rid of dark circles or puffy eyes

Another benefit coffee has, primarily in the beauty community, is the reduction of dark circles under the eyes. Whether you’ve had no sleep or you typically always have dark circles, a coffee application will help. The reason provided is the coffee in the caffeine content increases blood flow as the blood vessels dilate. Puffy eyes are also a sign of inflammation; something coffee is known it reduce.

Wrap up

The coffee can get used in various forms for the above benefits. One can use brewed coffee when they wish not to exfoliate, or mix used coffee grinds with other components like sugar. In either of the states, it is worth adding coffee to your skincare routine.

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