Benefits of Baby wearing for Babies and Moms

While some parenting styles would disagree with this much physical contact that gives you baby wearing, since their basic premise is not to hold your children too much or too often in order to avoid spoiling them, the latest research has in fact shown that baby wearing leads to a healthier, stronger child and a happier mom. If you decide to give it a go, here a few benefits baby wearing will bring you and your child.

It has a Calming Effect

The closeness of wearing your baby helps calm even the fussiest of infants. Children held in a pouch feel more secure, creating a more intimate emotional bond, which makes moms more alert and aware of various movements and cues their baby makes, therefore leading to less crying. The baby can feel mom’s heartbeat, breathing, and the warmth of her body, all of which have a soothing effect and lower levels of stress hormones in the infant’s body.

It Promotes Learning and Physical Development

Keeping your baby in a sling for longer periods of time allows your baby to perceive the surrounding activities and objects from a proper standpoint, placing the baby at the very heart of what is happening. Such a healthy environment and the previously established feeling of safety promote a baby’s ability to learn and the brain to develop. The upright position allowed by the pouch also stimulates muscle and overall physical development, preparing the child for sitting and walking.

It Builds a Strong Bond

As for the moms, having the right sling for carrying the little one can help overcome the potential risks of postnatal depression through encouraging a strong, nurturing bond between you and your infant. While the protective motherly instinct is a natural biological imperative, parenting can sometimes be truly overwhelming, so building this emotional bond from day one matters for the mom as much as it does for the baby.

Baby wearing also makes it easier for you to breastfeed, both in private and in public, as it provides a secluded nook for you to feed your baby, keeping it an intimate experience even when you are in a public place. This can help every mom have many special moments with her child, making it easy to connect and bond with her baby.

It is Practical and Comfortable

If you are a first-time parent, it’s extremely important to cover all your bases and research your options. Browse through baby carrier reviews to find a suitable pouch for your little one, to make sure that it is safe for your child’s hip, neck and back development. Once you find your baby wearing favorite, you will soon discover how incredibly convenient it can be.

Carrying your baby in a pouch not only leaves room for typical household activities, but it also allows for carefree shopping, simplified traveling and more wiggle room to have a few minutes to yourself without having to leave your baby. You can read, have a smoothie, pick up a phone and prepare a meal, all while keeping an eye on your baby. Plus, if you have another child, or better yet, a few more (lucky you!), then a baby carrier will be a real life-saver.

Baby wearing is the most satisfying, beautiful way to bond with your baby, and it provides the best conditions in which your child will thrive both emotionally and physically. And perhaps most importantly, as a happy mom, you will definitely be able to experience what it truly means to have your own bundle of joy!

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