As we move forward in the cut throat era of competition where women’s are no longer left at the back seats to just do the household work, rather we can see her in the space centre’s labs ,senate house ,in the Forbes list of top CEO’s and many more places where they have left their mark, the pressure to stay at the top has also immensely increased across the world in working women.So keeping in mind the fact that improved performance, better productivity and more creativity among the working women in different societies of world is the need of the HOUR ,we have come up with a condensed list of some simple and interesting gadgets which would help her to stay at the top of her game and lead the world like never before in every field she choose to step in and show her strength .

  1. Ringly

If you are modern day women who loves to stay cool without compromising on your productivity, then this small gadget would definitely catch your eyeballs for sure .As the name suggest Ringly ,it’s a 18 carat gold plated jewellery ring with smart connectivity option to pair your mobile phone with it via Bluetooth and get all the notifications like call, message, fb post, etc… on the ring in form of different colour according to the notification type.

You can set the 5 colour and vibration patterns for different Notification via its smartphone app easily

  1. Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are on the rise ,many new variants from different countries are coming to market every year with many advanced features and functions ,but the point arises are they useful for women .

The answer is YES, it’s a kind of gadget that would help any women weather she is working or not to monitors her health on the go on her mobile phone with these fitness trackers.

All you have to do is buy a good quality fitness tracker like fitbit, Yamaha etc and wear it daily on your hand to get some good indepth insight about her body and fitness .

Its capable of monitoring your sleep quality ,heartbeat ,steps walked ,calories burned many more things .to cross verify the results of your calories burned and weight loss you can check it out instantly on best body fat scales and then get relaxed .

So go ahead and buy one for yourself if you haven’t till now, as it could make your life healthy and happy.

  1. Desk Ellipticals and steppers

With the increase in workload and pressure to give your best generally it happens that you forget about your fitness regime ,but then this desk elliptical comes into play to help you get your work done without missing your exercise session ,as with any top mini stair stepper or elliptical you can keep the work going and legs moving side by side which would circulate blood in your body besides keeping your legs stronger and easing out leg pain if you had it earlier.

This fitness essential equipment comes for cheap but gives our young and powerful women more room to be creative and productivity whole day without cutting her precious work time for gym sessions.

  1. Fever Smart

It’s a small patch which can be very useful for working moms who generally stay away from their kids in day time .it’s used as a mini thermometer to check the temperate at your smartphone easily .when you are away from home and your kids having fever then you can ask the nanny or your child to keep this patch under his armpit for 1 minutes and right after see the temperature on your device to guide him with the right medication to take and call doctor if necessary.

Besides that it can also be used to check the basal temperature of unborn child while in ovulation stage easily to keep a check on child’s health by doctors and mothers at home.

Its available on iphone and soon will be their on android too, for women to make its full use .

  1. Drones

With the rise of drone technology since past few years ,women have also started adopting to drones for various purposes and are making most out of it .Many women are using drones with camera to capture some good quality pics and videos on their vacations and have fun with these flying drones with camera across the world .

Besides that women who work in service sector have also started making use of rc drones like its being used as waiter in various restaurant in London by women chefs to serve the food.

If you are a woman, then make sure to acquire any or all things listed above to make your life more comfortable and productive in whatever task you undertake ,but if you are a men reading this post then make sure that all working women in your family and friends are aware of the benefits of these cool gadgets to help them succeed in life

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